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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is seemingly offering Apple Card customers 6% cashback for purchases made from Apple instead of the regular 3% cashback usually offered to Apple Card customers.


Apple has yet to announce the promotion, but Apple is giving customers 6% cashback for purchases made from the Apple Store instead of 3%, according to several posts across social media and the MacRumors Forum. Apple ran a similar offer in 2019 and another in March of this year for new Apple Card customers, but this new yet-to-be-announced promotion seems to apply for all Apple Card customers making Apple Store purchases.

Pre-orders for the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros opened this week, and Apple could possibly be running the promotion as a way to incentivize customers with the pre-ordering the latest MacBook Pros, and other products and accessories. We've contacted Apple for more information and will update if we hear back.

Update: There appears to be significant confusion over the situation, with only some users seeing 6% while others are seeing 3%. Apple has not announced a promotion, and customer support representatives are generally saying the 6% mentions were an error. We're also hearing mixed responses about whether Apple is honoring the 6% as Daily Cash is being credited to users' accounts.

Article Link: Apple Card Customers Are Getting 6% Cashback for Apple Store Purchases [Updated]
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May 15, 2005
Usually happens around the holidays, and since the holiday purchase period has been moved UP this year, makes sense.

Hopefully, it only triggers when the actual charge from apple HITS the card, so all our pre-orders for a date after 10/26 for new M1P/M1M laptops should see this additional discount.. NICE
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Sep 25, 2018
interesting, still pondering iPhone 13PM and AW7 and this might get me over the edge ...

Edit: shows 3% currently for iPhone and new wMBP ...
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Mar 3, 2008
Errrr... so I did my MBP on 12 month installments and I think it's only giving me 3%. Hope that changes.

Edit: Nvm, I got 3% on the taxes, but I just checked and the rest of the Apple Cash comes upon shipment with 12-month installment purchases. Hopefully 6% of the purchase price hits when it ships.
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Dec 8, 2008
of course after I order the iPhone 13 Pro and AW Series 7 Cellular :mad:
I’m so tempted to return my watch and re-buy it but I don’t know how much of a mess that will become since it’s cellular. It’s already on my plan and I already submitted for the $100 carrier rebate. Probably not worth the hassle for like $25.


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Nov 11, 2005
not seeing this yet, but would really love it, as i'm planning on making a couple of apple purchases before the year ends :)

The Reverend Dr Galactus

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May 12, 2021
Is there a way to check cash back eligibility on the checkout sheet?

I was originally going to order from B&H because their (ridiculously named) Payboo card gives you a full rebate on sales tax, but if Apple Card is going to offer 6%, that's basically the same amount.
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Dec 8, 2008
not seeing this yet, but would really love it, as i'm planning on making a couple of apple purchases before the year ends :)
I didn’t see anything until I actually completed an order. I figured if it didn’t show up I’d just quickly cancel. It showed 6% for me though.
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Apr 6, 2011
While Apple is a US company, this doesn't make them look good in international eyes.


1. For starters, the US is only place with Apple Card, so only US buyers get 12-24 months easy interest free credit on everything bought via their Apple Card. Non-US buyers however are being expected to suck-up 15% APR rates options from Apple's credit partners (Barclays & Paypal), with no interest free credit facilities (outside of iPhones). Who at Apple thought that was a decent idea, when devices are more & more expensive?​
2. Apple Card already gives US purchasers 3% off already.​
3. Now the same group of AC buyers are being another 3% discount, on top of the previous 3%.​

International buyers already have to pay more for items, yet we now are offered no interest free credit at all, nor any (3/6%) cashback discounts on things like a new MBP costing £6K+.
OK, we don't expect the cashback discounts given we don't have this Sachs Apple Card card, but then to also withdraw our usual interest free credit options is ridiculous – 15% APR turns a £6K cost into a £7K cost. No thanks.

It really does make Apple come across as money-grabbing off their loyal non-US international buyers at every turn. ?
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