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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today announced that it will be celebrating Black History Month with curated content that highlights and amplifies Black creators, artists, developers, and businesses across the App Store, Apple Music, the Apple TV app, Apple Books, Apple Podcasts, and more. The content will be featured throughout the month of February.

Black Unity Sport Band has "Truth. Power. Solidarity." laser-engraved onto the stainless steel fastening pin

Apple also introduced a limited-edition Apple Watch Series 6 inscribed with "Black Unity" and a "Black Unity" Sport Band, both of which will be available online and in store from Apple and Target beginning February 1 in the United States and 38 other countries. Apple says the Watch will be available in February, with pricing starting at $399, while the Sport Band will be priced at $49 and will remain available throughout the year.

The limited-edition Apple Watch is complemented by the new "Unity" watch face in watchOS 7.3, which Apple confirmed will be released later today. Both the Black Unity Sport Band and Unity watch face are based on the colors of the Pan-African flag.


An overview of some of Apple's other plans:
  • App Store: A new Black History Month Hub will spotlight Black-owned businesses and Black developers. Apple will also feature stories with Black developers discussing the importance of representation in apps and games.
  • Apple Music: Apple will feature curated playlists, essays, original videos, and more from Black influencers, musicians, authors, and directors.
  • Apple Maps: Apple will feature curated Apple Maps Guides created in collaboration with EatOkra, a Black-owned business directory app based in Brooklyn.
  • Apple TV app: This month's theme for "Essential Stories" on the Apple TV app will "spotlight the multidimensionality of the Black family and its representation onscreen," according to Apple. There will also be new content from Oprah Winfrey.
  • Apple News: Apple will feature curated topic groups that highlight the "best journalism around race in America," while Apple News+ will offer audio articles that celebrate the Black experience.
Apple's press release provides a detailed look at what is in store across Apple's products and services throughout February.

Article Link: Apple Celebrates Black History Month With Limited-Edition Watch, Featured Apps and Books, and More
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Dec 17, 2003
Yes, encouraging all people to unite around a group of historically marginalized people. It doesn’t diminish the need for unity for all, but there is no unity for all if all aren’t seen in equal standing. It’s also close to Black History Month for context.

A lot of people don't feel this way, but I get what you're saying. I don't think a human unity of all races and peoples would hurt anything though.


Jun 8, 2018
Victoria, British Columbia
here we go again

Apple will never stop doing these, it's good PR in the eyes of many and they don't really have to put much effort into it. I will admit definitely that the Watch is going a step further with effort, I personally am a fan of the colors on it.

I must say I am disappointed in the caving to the idea that the word black must be capitalized, due to some notion that black people are more culturally/ethnically diverse yet also unified than white people. Complete nonsense, there are numerous sub communities and ethnicities within the black group, but the same is exactly the case for whites as well. Iranians are white. Israelis are white. Slavs are white. Anglo-Saxons are white. These are quite diverse groups with different cultures and languages, exactly the same as the difference between blacks in the caribbean and blacks in Somalia, and blacks living in the States. All people are diverse.


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Apr 10, 2009
Hey Tim Apple, where is the Asian collection?
Didn’t they have some Chinese New Year stuff? Aren’t all Asians Chinese? Or is Apple selective and lazy?

i like the watch band. But Apple bands are crazy expensive and been using lighter, more comfortable 3rd party bands for a while.
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Oct 11, 2012
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Didn’t they have some Chinese New Year stuff? Aren’t all Asians Chinese? Or is Apple selective and lazy?

i like the watch band. But Apple bands are crazy expensive and been using lighter, more comfortable 3rd party bands for a while.
I don't even know where to begin, mate.
Chinese are Asian, but not all Asian are Chinese.
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