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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today announced that hundreds of new emoji characters will be added to the iPhone and iPad in the upcoming iOS 11.1 update.

The company also showed off some of the new emoji that will be introduced, all of which are part of Unicode 10. Some of the new additions include crazy face, pie, pretzel, t-rex, vampire, exploding head, face vomiting, shushing face, love you gesture, brain, scarf, zebra, giraffe, fortune cookie, pie, hedgehog, and more.

Hundreds of new emoji, including more emotive smiley faces, gender-neutral characters, clothing options, food types, animals, mythical creatures and more, are coming to iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.1.
New child, adult, and older adult emojis in a range of skin tones are included, as are characters for person in steamy room, bearded person, mage, fairy, vampire, merperson, elf, genie, person climbing, person in lotus position, and more, with all of those emoji available in multiple skin tones and genders. While there are 56 distinct new emoji characters, gender/skin tone modifiers and flags bring that total to over 200.


Unicode 10 was first released in June of 2017, but it often takes several months for Apple to implement new emoji characters after a Unicode update as all of the new characters need to be drawn by Apple artists in the Apple emoji style. All of the Unicode 10 emoji are listed on emoji site Emojipedia.


Apple previously previewed some of the new Unicode 10 emoji back in July.

The first beta of iOS 11.1 was released to developers last week. It did not include the promised Unicode 10 emojis, but Apple says they'll be added in developer and public betas of iOS 11.1 next week.

We've also seen evidence suggesting iOS 11.1 could include the Apple Pay Cash feature as employees are testing it internally, so the update is shaping up to be a significant addition to the iOS 11 operating system.

There's no word yet on when iOS 11.1 will see a public release.

Article Link: Apple Confirms New Emoji Are Coming to iPhone and iPad in iOS 11.1
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Sep 9, 2012
I can’t find an emoticon to sum up the ridiculousness of all this. It would have to be a cross between tearing my hear out and looking criminally insane.

Perhaps a straight jacket emoticon would work too.
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Relentless Power

macrumors Westmere
Jul 12, 2016
I don't know what it is, but I just never have the desire to express my text through emoji's. I rarely use them, even though I do see how we are transitioning expressing ourselves differently to various forms of communication.


Jul 18, 2011
I don't know what it is, but I just never have the desire to express my text through emoji's. I rarely use them, even though I do see how we are transitioning expressing ourselves differently to various forms of communication.
I find that I tend to just cycle amongst a small selection of about 10 emoji. Simply don’t have the patience to cycling through an endless array of emoji trying to find the right one to use.


macrumors 65816
Aug 3, 2010
there are lots of bugs and battery drain problems but apple cares about emoji...
this must be a bad joke...
Erasing all content and settings, then restoring the iCloud backup made my phone feel as new regarding battery life on iOS 11.

Yesterday was my first real life, full day test. Back home after work and 69% left. Day before 18%. Enormous difference. But yeah, we shouldn't have to do this. Just strongly recommending a try with that as a workaround if you suffer from battery issues following the iOS 11 update.


macrumors regular
Aug 3, 2010
but where's the Steve Jobs emoji......go down a treat with many posters on these forums....


macrumors 6502
Nov 2, 2007
I rarely comment on this type of topics, but here goes my rant:

Seriously, why waste valuable space on the iPad/iPhone with these emoji (hundreds if I read correctly!) and not concentrate on more productive things?

The way I see it is that these attract people (otherwise Apple wouldn't invest so much time/money on it), but reading the comments from past emoji updates, I can see I'm not alone, and I really am confused if even with so many comments we are a minority?

Anyway, I'll stick to my "colon closed parenthesis", thank you.


macrumors regular
Sep 7, 2016
As a 40 years old tech enthusiast. I don't give damn about emojis. My daughter uses them sometimes but I guess that latest push from Apple with these and animojis (or whatever) means that iPhones are mostly for teens and young adults maybe. Talk about priorities.

(oops, sorry about the language)
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