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    (*EDIT* Started getting long winded here and kind of went off on a technology rant in fields other than phones. If your interested in that stuff ,read on, if not skip to the bottom couple paragraphs to get to the overall point )

    As most of you are aware Apple has said for a few years now that they are interested in wireless charging. But will only implement it once it is truly wireless( no need for a induction mat)

    You are also probably aware that they have been working with Energous for at least 2 years now with there proven technology of wireless charging. Standard report and consensus is distances up to 15'. I have read reports over the years that distances of up to 20-30' as well but not as dependable(may have improved since then)

    Anyway, this thread is more about what do you think would truly be as revolutionary for this 10th iPhone anniversary as the original? I keep hearing talk of switching to OLED/AMOLED screens which is great and I will welcome that. But that is not a game changer. Even if apple goes all bezeless around all 4 sides with Touch ID embeeddd in the screen. It's just an evolution of existing tech thats coming down the line for all manufacturers really soon. All flagship phones will be bezeless in less than 3 years most likely.

    For example OLED screens are going to start their take over of the TV industry early next year. If any of you stay up to date on tech other than phones then you may be aware or have purchased an OLED tv last year and saw that they were less then a 1/4" thick through 3/4 of the tv size. Next year there are a at least 4-5 models coming out that will be rollable and almost "paper thin". You will be able to stick your tv on wall and then peel it off to move it somewhere else. The transistion of all electronics are moving away from the inside of the tv to the outside in a set top box fashion. A small cable will connect to the screen to communicate with it.

    Point being is that OLED is finally becoming cheap enough to go full mainstream and be produced in large quantities. Will it last? Who knows, there are already mumblings that QLED may take over much earlier than though.

    Anyway...all that nonsense was just to show that anything regarding screen tech is pretty much a wash. If Apple comes out with a foldable iPhone 8 in nine months would I consider that revolutionary? No because it's going to happen within the next 18 months anyway from one of the top cell manufacturers anyway. But I woukd love that if they did.


    Which brings me to my point...wireless charging up to 15'.... I'll take that! Put 2 or 3 of these charging base stations in your house and you are pretty much covered all the time. Put these charging receivers throughout retail outlets/malls etc..(doubtful in its infancy but you see where I'm going here) Your phone will always be charged or not far from being able to be without interrupting your normal routine. Phones are going to keep getting thinner and thinner no doubt, batteries will get smaller and none of these super battery technologies we read about are doing squat to take over the industry.

    Eventually I see a time 5-10 years from now where all we have is a paper thin device with no bulk attached to it. There will be really no need for a battery because we will constantly be powering our devices a through the airwaves. At some point you can just imagine celluar carriers like Att/VeriZon will be able to charge/power our devices through their cell towers.

    When to a trade show for work ealrier this year and a lot of this stuff was discussed. Everything is getting so much smaller and cheaper to produce now compared to years past. The next ten years is going to be very interesting.
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    I do not want to be in a room where my phone is getting charged from a device that is 15 feet away.

    Putting two of three around the house really scares me. Do not forget the table next to the baby's crib. :eek:

    I know others will say it is perfectly safe but I will just be happy to plug mine in every night while sleeping.
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    I like it. I want to see studies discussing the impacts on bodies, but I like it. This is wireless charging - not the Samsung "worse than cable" charging, that locks your phone to a five-inch location (as opposed to a cable's up-to 3 feet length).
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    Just like I believe a phone can be too big (the 5 & SE are perfect in size), I think that a wafer thin or folding device would be too small. It would be much too easy to lose or misplace them on a regular basis. As with cameras, the current mirror-less cameras are becoming to small and difficult too easily navigate and use.

    Just my opinion...

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    FYI, that 15' figure would equate to a trickle charge, assuming your phone is off. If in use, your phone will drain faster than it charges. The realistic effective charge range is under 5 feet and probably closer to 3. Good for laying in bed or at your desk.

    Also, Samsung a!Ready has the first production QLED TV being introduced this week at CES. So that tech is already about to make OLED obsolete pretty quickly.
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    Here's a thought: right now the AI brains are isolated to a couple of niche areas of the phone: siri and photo recognition.

    What if every aspect of the UI was AI-smart:

    - If I frequently call my wife after a few texts back and forth, give me a phone icon right there (save a click on the (i))
    - if I click on and exit a few different apps, try to figure out which app I'm trying to find and help me find it
    -- i.e., anticipate my search before I need to do it
    - if I never use the landscape mode of iMessage, make the rotation somewhat less sensitive (please do this now)

    In short use the AI for something truly helpful -- making the phone easier to use and more intuitive.

    It will take massive re-learning for many of us, but Apple needs to build this UI for those who don't have preexisting notions of having to do it all themselves.

    There have been very bad attempts at the above before in various settings, but Apple has the brains to get it right. And when they do, we'll forgot what a pain in the rear it was (is) to use phones.

    Wireless charging will probably become ubiquitous, unless some actual health problem is discovered. And it's a tech that won't be hard for any phone manufacturer to incorporate. But getting the UI right and incorporating in AI is incredibly hard and Apple can get several years ahead of the competition.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the only people who can get used to it easily, however, are those who have never used a dumb smartphone.

    1. I'd love to see pinch-and-zoom incorporated in the home page and eliminate the entire concept of multiple pages of apps. Pages are a relic of skeuomorphism (sp?)

    2. If I'm about to click a link on a web page, freeze the damn page so I don't click on some unrelated ad that jumped to just where my finger was. Samsung has the finger sense tech, but don't use it for anything nearly that useful.

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