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I'd be curious to know how many of the "No way Apple releases the next iPhone this summer..." crew just got the iPhone 4S, and thus don't want to be a generation behind after only 8 months...

At the end of the day, on Apple knows what their gonna do with their product releases.

However, since my contract is up in June, I KNOW the next phone will be released this summer. Just Say'n.



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Jan 30, 2012
I honestly think it'll be the iPhone 4G, since, you know, everyone calls it that already anyway. :rolleyes:

I'm also one of the (few, from what it looks like) people hoping that the screen will be bigger. I switched from the iPhone 4 to the GS2 for that reason, and even if Apple only went up to 4" I'd be happy. 3.5" when the iPhone originally came out was amazingly large for the time. Now, it seems lacking in comparison. I'm not looking for anything Galaxy Note sized, I just want a little bit more space between the keys on the keyboard, and a larger screen for my apps.

I honestly registered because I'm damn tired of reading all the posts that say "just watch Netflix on your TV if you want a bigger screen." 1.) I'm a student, I can't afford a larger TV, and 2.) It's DAMN hard to lug a TV around with you everywhere you go.


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Feb 1, 2012
Also not sure to go with iPhone 4S or wait for the uncertain iPhone 5. Don't see any true advanced features on iphone 4S, but the iPhone 5 is still rumored in rumors. :-(
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