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Apr 12, 2001

Appleinsider has posted an interesting tale of the progression of the Apple iPhone (smart phone) project which has reportedly been ongoing for at least the past three years.

According to the rumor site, Apple reportedly started showcasing a prototype of their proprietary smart phone in the early summer of 2005. At the time they were shopping for both wireless partners as well as contractors. The interface of the phone was based on the one-click simplicity of Front Row along with extensive integration with Mac OS X. This integration came in the form of new .Mac functionality, iTunes syncing, and full iChat functionality.

Two features described in more detail include a "call ahead" feature:

Similarly, a "call ahead" feature would allow users of the phone to pre-record a video clip that could then be transmitted to mobile phone at the receiving end, where it would play before the a call was answered.

and video iChat functionality:

A source familiar with the development efforts said Apple had tapped third parties to lend a hand with certain protocols that would allow for iChat video conferencing between the handset and desktop Macs.

Despite the work done, according to Appleinsider's source, Steve Jobs reportedly was unhappy with the device and insisted on a ground up resdesign in order to meet his requirements.

While the details of this report will be difficult to corroborate, some aspects of it correspond with some previous reports: previously claimed that an Apple iPhone would come with iChat AV (videoconferencing capabilities), and in March ThinkSecret reported that Apple's phone project was encountering "significant technical hurdles" and it was being designed "from the ground up".


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Feb 1, 2006
Los Angeles
These iPhone rumors are great, but they're really starting to get out of hand. I can't tell if this is a media blitz, or just hype. I'm thinking hype.


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Sep 26, 2006
Hmm... The "call ahead" feature sounds neat, but I can't really see a useful/practical reason to use it. I can see JUST sending video messages -- but why prior to making a call?

But I would be ALL OVER video ichat capability. Bring it on!!!!


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Feb 1, 2006
Get it right or not at all. Apples perfect reputaion of perfect products can't afford a dud product. Take yout time Apple, take your time, my money can wait.


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Mar 29, 2004
Manchester, UK
Interesting. I'd like to see all that, esp. the linking with osx. Not sure if we'll see that in this upcoming device (maybe the later one with that "delayed" nvidia chip in it).

.mac is crying out for an overhaul/rethink. Maybe this is the reason that is well overdue?


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Apr 16, 2005
Laguna Beach
I have a feeling, the iphone is going to be trying to do too much of everything without doing a few things really well, all this stuff sounds good and all but it just doesn't seem probably with the cell phone carriers of today. If it was just a really good looking phone that was combined with an ipod then that would be great, but if it's throwing together video conferencing and data exchange over a wireless network it's either going to be really expensive or it's going to be really difficult it get it right. But in the end it's apple and they always figure a way to do something out of control, maybe this will be a new gadget that will take the wold by storm like the ipod was. I'm excited for 2007.

Scarlet Fever

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Jul 22, 2005
they had better hurry up, my shoddy Ericsson T290i is breaking up, and i need a new phone.

Hmm... The "call ahead" feature sounds neat, but I can't really see a useful/practical reason to use it. I can see JUST sending video messages -- but why prior to making a call?

i went to an afi gig recently, and i had to call up my dad to tell him to pick me up. It was only a 10-15 second call, but it probably cost me $0.50 to make. If i could send a short video or something, he would know to come and pick me up without actually answering the phone.


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May 23, 2006
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
It is definitely looking good for January. I think it's starting to explain everything we saw.
.mac is crying out for an overhaul/rethink. Maybe this is the reason that is well overdue?
I think .mac is pretty good. Maybe double the space and the bandwidth but apart from that, the features are pretty good.



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Dec 27, 2001
Los Angeles
I wouldn't doubt the part about Steve being unhappy with the product and calling for a "ground-up" redesign.

This leads me to hope that the iPhone will be everything I've been waiting for since my Cingular contract has run out and my SE T610 is getting VERY long in the tooth.


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Jan 6, 2004
enough already

I hope the next item I read in here is actually an announcement, and not the 40,000th iphone "theories". This is torture!


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Dec 27, 2002
Alameda, CA
For as much as we've been overloaded with iPhone rumors for the past (how many?) years, I find I'm really enjoying these slightly more detailed offerings.

That said, if the phone doesn't come by MacWorld, I'm swearing off iPhone rumors forever.


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Jan 5, 2006
oklahoma city, ok
yes, more detailed rumors are great.

but for those who think this means "definately iphone for mw07"...

there is nothing in the article that says the ground up redesign is finished or met with jobs' approval. could be. but still, this is not conformation of emminent release. only the story of why we have waited this long (and perhaps why we'll continue to wait0>



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Sep 4, 2002
Raleigh, NC
oh man it's gonna be so sweet...

I hope it's got the email/chat capabilities of my smartphone whilst working as my iPod nano/phone replacement.

I bet iTV will have location based services... you'll be able to stream your content to your iPhone. ooohhhh... i can't wait.


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Dec 5, 2006
Malden, MA
this sounds great!

all this is sounding really great. but i have a question, will the iPhone be available in Apple Retail Stores?
if the iPhone is going to be available to all providers, wouldnt the simplest thing (and most lucrative) for apple to do is simply sell the unlocked iPhone in its retail stores, in both CDMA and GSM flavors?

I'm using a sidekick 3 right now, and i hate it. It's awful. But i'd like an unlocked apple iphone so i can simply get a simcard and not have to extend my contract again, since i just started in July.

any comments?



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Apr 30, 2004
i'm starting to believe... finally.

however, the way everything's coming out i haven't much doubt in my mind that it's a PR stunt to build up the hype for MWSF.

even if it's not going to have an iPhone :rolleyes:


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Oct 6, 2005
I love love love hearing and reading all of these iPhone rumors.

The day it is released can't come fast enough!


Editor emeritus
Jul 10, 2003
Falls Church, VA
I'm still a skeptic about the video-enabled iChat in the iPhone. I could be wrong, and AppleInsider having a source definitely does bring some credibility to the story, but it takes a bit of horsepower to do real-time compression, and then you will need a decent amount of duplex bandwidth available in order to hold a video conference (current services like VCast from Verizon which feature multimedia content are primarily simplex traffic in that it is one-way communication. you are primarily watching pre-recorded content).

I just don't think that the current crop of 3G or 2.75G networks will be able to hold up to people having video-chats like that, and even so, the video would have to be compressed out the wazoo, most likely making the picture look kinda bad. I could be wrong, and God knows I hope I'm wrong...

Sightly off my previous thoughts... IF true, this begs all kinds of ethical/legal/whatever questions. I mean, obviously it is hard enough for some people to drive and talk at the same time, imagine people driving and trying to iChat-AV at the same time. Oh, the pain!

EDIT: Just read the full article. Heh.. figures the source never saw the video iChat enabled phone prototype :)


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Jan 27, 2005
That's very intersting thought. What if Apple just decided to only sell unlocked phones? That would totally screw the cell companies over for them not wanting apple's phone cuz of the itunes and stuff. Plus it would allow ANYONE to get the phone and use it...wider consumer market. I can see it now "iPhone. Anyone, Anywhere, Any service."


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Jul 4, 2006
perhaps this is why we havent seen a increase in the toe .Mac storage at the same price point. they are waithing to say "oh and one more thing" if you have .Mac and aroung a wifi source you can make free calls/text/chats. and i think that having a good camera will provide people on the go with a "usable" way to document their day and keep people in touch via mobile podcasting. also a mini imovie would be greate for this. we need a device that can do more than just create playlists:D
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