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Apr 12, 2001

As highlighted by Digital Trends and VentureBeat, a small number of users have turned to the Apple Support Communities to report incidents of kernel panicking on the new MacBook Pro, possibly linked to Apple's T2 chip. The issue has also been highlighted by some of our own readers in the MacRumors forums.

Image Credit: iFixit

Many of the crash logs shared by users mention bridgeOS, which is the device firmware on the logic board that controls many functions, including the T2, fueling speculation that the chip is the root cause of the problem.

Similar reports of kernel panicking began last year with the iMac Pro, which is also equipped with the T2, so this does seem to be a potential issue with the chip, or the bridgeOS firmware that manages it, rather than an entirely new MacBook Pro controversy like the since-fixed excessive throttling.

Apple's custom T2 chip integrates several previously separate components, including the system management controller, image signal processor, audio controller, and SSD controller. It also features a Secure Enclave coprocessor for secure boot, encrypted storage, and authenticating Touch ID.

Apple support representatives appear to have provided a wide variety of solutions, ranging from disabling FileVault to turning off Power Nap, but none of the advice customers received suggests there is a permanent fix.

MacRumors reached out to Apple, which told us that this is not a widespread issue, nor one that it has received any direct reports about. Nevertheless, Apple said it has relevant teams looking into the matter and, unsurprisingly, is always aiming to improve the stability and reliability of its products.

In general, Apple recommends that customers update their MacBook Pros with the macOS High Sierra Supplemental Update released earlier this week, which contains reliability and stability improvements, including a bug fix that addresses excessive thermal throttling with the latest MacBook Pro models.

According to at least one user, the Supplemental Update has not resolved the kernel panicking. Hopefully, whatever is causing the issue can be identified and promptly fixed in a future software update.

Article Link: Apple Looking Into Limited Reports of T2-Related Kernel Panics on New MacBook Pro and iMac Pro


Sep 7, 2011
oh boy.

the MacBook pro lineup just can't seem to catch a break without some design issue since it was released in 2016. the 2018 version just seems to be a whopper.

Hopefully there's a fix for this one via software similar to the VRM issue. Kernel panics are not fun.


Sep 7, 2011
Apple is needlessly complicating things with these custom specialized chips. What's wrong with separate, reliable SMC's, SSD controllers, audio controllers?

They cost pennies on the dollar, and have never caused issues in the past.

in this case, I don't believe it's the cost associated, but the space savings. Apple is going for the thinnest, lightest and smallest form factors they can. This means they have to start putting multiple functions within the same silicon. this itself isn't terrible in it's own right, and many manufacturers have such chips.

The problem is Apple is attempting to "re-invent" the wheel with appropriate versions instead of using industry standard technologies. Gives them some leverage to add their own featuresets, but, means they're the only ones producing/ testing and if they miss stuff in QA, it'll wreak havoc on their users.

edit: also GO LEAFS GO!, 69 days left
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Feb 23, 2017
Now this is real problem. Throttling is one thing, but crashing has a real impact on the ability to get work done. At least the T1 just handles the SMC and touchID. I’m sure they will find a solution and release it soon though.
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May 28, 2015
Everyone acting like apple is the devil if u dont like the mpb dont but it, you think apple is only tech company with issues at least we get updates to fix it so people just chill out my mbp is fine sick of everyone crying how bad apple is then why you on a mac forum


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Aug 17, 2007
Seattle, WA
in this case, I don't believe it's the cost associated, but the space savings.

I believe the real reason is security and performance. By controlling those functions themselves, Apple (and macOS users) protect against third-party exploits designed to attack commodity chips as well as tuning performance specifically for macOS.


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May 17, 2008
Maybe because reporting and news sharing is more common now, but I really don't remember up until atleast 2007 Apple had any of these funny issues happening with their devices.

In fact, Apple is well known that their hardware is top notch quality, lasts a lot longer, has much higher after sale value, and because of the tied software to limited hardware are much less prone to failures and errors.

What happened?


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May 18, 2008
Good lord, the iMac pro has been out for months and we’ve seen few if any posts on kernel panics from it. You constant complainers about quality need to get a grip on what is clearly a *limited* issue.

We’ve got over 100 pages across three threads on the throttle issue with many posters actually owning the machines. Where’s the torrent of posts about kernel panics? Oh, they don’t exist? Jeeze maybe that should lead the rational to realize that THIS issue is clearly not widespread.

Good grief.
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