Apple Loses Trillion Dollar Company Status Due to 10% Slide on Stock Market Since Thursday

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    and it's arguable that can only work for so long. as prices go up, you run the risk of driving down demand.

    if demand starts going too low, than even the price increases aren't going to make up for the lost revenue of lower sales and you end up in a negative loop where you have to continously raise prices to appease investors, while the volumes continue to decrease due to those increasing prices.

    the best thing Apple can o right now would be to ignore wallstreet completely, and reposition themselves to be a stable company from a volume / price perspective. This might mean the end of record profits/revenues, but long term success that will last more than the next cycle or two

    Unfortunately I don't see this happening under the current leadership team as their own net worth is directly tied to stock valuation. it's one of the biggest pitfalls of allowing stock and options to be rewarded as salary. the motivation of your executives are geared towards personal enrichment than long term company planning.
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    They are ignoring wall street and just gave them the finger with the unit sales disclosures going away. That’s good for investors because it will force analysts to look at the company constructively and notice the 40% eps growth and 20% revenue growth they just reported.

    There will also be more visibility into services, which is the next driver of a Apple anyway.

    Apple just sold more iPhones in2018 than 2017, but increased revenue 20%. That is pricing power.

    The numbers they put up in 2018 were simply crazy. If there are any problems you speculate, we will see it in the numbers, but until we do, you’re wrong.

    Apple is executing incredibly well and the strategy should NOT change. Lowering prices if necessary is easy. Making the products people just paid more to get the new features is the hard part and they were successful. We will see if they can’t keep it up.

    I’m glad Tim Cook is running Apple and not you. It’s amazing Apple can put up he numbers they do, yet the armchair analysts here somehow know “the best thing Apple can do” or “should do.”

    No, Apple SHOULD do exactly what they are doing now because it’s never been better, Apple or anywhere. No company has ever made $60B in profit in 12 months, but you want them to change. :lol:

    When the numbers change, I’ll change. Not before.
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    of course because wireless changes your life. I couldnt use wired headphones in the gym anymore after going bluetooth. Over the ear bluetooth is good too but Ive always liked not feeling anything on my head. The jaybird freedoms sounds just as good as a lot of the 150-200$ wired earbuds ive had over the years. Ive been a fan of jaybird since the bluebudx and x series. The ability to change the eq on them makes them sound really good to anyone. I also like memory foam tips(not the one that come with them, the comply ones). They seal super good and dont move. Make music sound much much better. I have them wired over ear behind my head and I dont feel them at all and are super small. Not sure if you give any other earbuds a shot before you jumped on apples take on them...
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    They can carry on doing what they are doing for several years and by that time I expect they will have more exciting new products to kick starts growth again.
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    Gotta be in it to win it
    If you’re opinion is that Apple management would throw the company under the bus in the long run to fatten their wallet, it’s just as much as opinion that the management knows exactly what they are doing and are being compensated as such.
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    Somehow I think you are weird
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    I'm a Jaybird BBx user (1st generation) and while they are really nice, there are some things that are a pain.

    1. No ability to swap the L/R channels. Later versions solved this, but they never updated the older models. I wear mine "upside down to have the cord over my ears", so L and R are backwards.

    2. Charging is a PITA. A charging case would be better, but using a micro-USB cable to plug into that fussy port and then to have the Jaybirds just hanging there ... it's not elegant. Plantronics had a battery case for their BT earbuds, but they aren't waterproof like the Jaybirds.

    3. Very difficult to put back in your ears during a workout when using the Comply foam tips. Unless you have perfectly shaped ears, you'll want to use the Comply tips. However, if you're working out, you can't hear anything (disclosure, I'm using the sound isolation tips) so you have to pop out an earbud when someone speaks to you. Then it's difficult to get it back in your ear while you're still working out. (solution - be anti-social and don't talk to anyone).

    4. Doesn't have the Wx chip, so it doesn't autoswitch to/from my devices.
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    Id rather be weird than rude....
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    Can anyone explain to me how I am supposed to be the rude person here?

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