iPhone SE Apple needs to make it clear they are still interested in Smaller iPhones or not!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by animatedude, Jan 4, 2019.

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    I think what they meant was for music a bigger screen isn’t beneficial, so they’d rather have the same function in something more portable (as opposed to an Apple Watch which is less functional).
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    What more reasons do they need to release SE2?!
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    I don't have the biggest hands (insert Trump joke), and at first I loved the iPhone X. Over time, I found that I tend to hold it in one half with my fingers spread out to support it. After 6 months with it, I started to feel soreness on the outside of my wrist. I've since changed how I hold the phone a bit, but I think it's just a little too heavy/thick to be comfortable. I know the iPhone X got thicker. I'd like to see the 2019 phones get thinner again, and I'd like to see Apple make an XR slightly smaller than the current X.
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    Apple is a massive entity, they don’t care about everything the consumer wants, even though I think they do try to listen in some areas, the bottom line factor is this:

    Apple is out to make money, the original SE was not producing that, that’s why it was discontinued. There is very little reason to believe the SE 2 will be revived, I’m all for it, but given Apples history and how they are about profit margin‘s mainly, they know that consumers generally are favoring larger devices, which is likely another reason why the SE was so limited. I think there’s a very strong minority who like the SE, and I was an SE owner as well, but the real question is, does Apple see the [return & value] in returning a device of that size back to the market?
  5. s54, Feb 14, 2019 at 12:20 AM
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    All of the arguments about the SE not being profitable (or not profitable enough) go out the window the minute you rationally analyze the current situation:

    - The old SE is (allegedly) no longer profitable
    - The new "SE2" could be profitable

    lol it's really that simple. Who's to say that diehard SE fans aren't willing to fork out a good amount of change for an SE-successor in a 4-inch form?!

    People wrongly assume that just because the SE was a budget-friendly phone, it means that the SE-successer must be, as well. I think it's pretty obvious by now that a lot of folks who prefer the SE do so because of it's small size factor and *not* because they couldn't afford an iPhone 7 or 8 or X. Therefore, you cannot assume that an updated SE wouldn't sell well if the price was high. It all depends on how updated we're talking about. I'm a diehard SE fan and I'm willing to shell out $1k for XS-like phone shrunk down to SE-like size. I would do that today, right now, in a heartbeat, and I know that many others would too.

    Done. Huge profits. Big enough market space. Everybody wins.

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