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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today added updated engraving options for the AirPods Charging Case, allowing customers who purchase AirPods to choose to engrave emoji characters on their devices.

AirPods have always been able to be engraved, but the engravings were limited to text and there was no option to add an emoji character. Apple is highlighting the engraving options on its main site and when customers visit one of the AirPods product pages.


Customers who choose to personalize their AirPods during the purchase process can choose from several emoji characters, though not all emojis are available. Options like smiling face, face with tongue out, and thumbs up are available, as are multiple animals.


There's a ghost, unicorn, bear, skull, dragon, poop, snake, and others, including the animals from the Chinese zodiac. Customers can choose text or an emoji, but not both as the emoji is done in a larger style. Apple has also tweaked the text that can be added to the AirPods, bumping up the size.

Customization options with emoji are available for all AirPods models and apply to the Charging Case for each order.

Thanks, Stanford!

Article Link: Apple Now Allowing AirPods Charging Cases to Be Engraved With Emojis
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Sep 26, 2014
anything to make a dime, not sure if the engraving is "free" or not but there will be some who will buy a new one just to get it. "the can't live without Apple's latest crowd"
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Sep 19, 2013
It saddens me to see what Apple has become. Getting trashier by the day.

A company that provides what consumers want? Yes, what a horrible organization they have become. The $300 share price reflects that they are becoming the worst and trashiest thing in the world. /s 😆

There are people that love stuff like this and if anything, this will sell more AirPods. Apple does not care what you consider trashy or classy. They are here to sell things and make money.


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May 29, 2019
Cool!!!...said a bunch of dummies who then proceeded to cover it up with a case.
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