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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has decided to call the software that will run on its upcoming AR/VR headset "xrOS," an update from the original "RealityOS or "rOS" naming the company was planning on, according to Bloomberg.

Render created by Ian Zelbo based on rumored information​

The name change comes as Apple begins to prepare for the launch of the headset, which is expected at some point in 2023. The headset will feature its own operating system, much like the Apple TV and the Apple Watch, and it will have a dedicated App Store.

"XR" is meant to stand for extended reality, which pertains to both augmented and virtual reality. Rumors indicate that the headset Apple is working on will be "mixed reality" like the Microsoft HoloLens, supporting both augmented and virtual reality capabilities. Augmented reality augments what the user is seeing in the real world, while virtual reality is an entirely digital experience.

As has been previously rumored, the headset will have new versions of existing apps like Maps and Messages, which have been redesigned for an AR/VR experience. Apple is also creating a software development kit so third-party apps can be created for the headset.

Apple internally referred to the headset's operating system as "rOS" during the development process, but Bloomberg suggests that xrOS is a less generic name that will allow the headset to stand out more.

In addition to confirming the name change with unnamed Apple sources, Bloomberg also discovered that a shell company named Deep Dive LLC has been registering the xrOS name across several countries, and Apple could potentially be behind these filings. Apple often uses shell companies to try to secretly register for trademarks for upcoming products.

There is still no solid sign of when the headset might be introduced, but it is expected to be unveiled in the first half of the year, perhaps at WWDC or even earlier to give developers time to create apps for the device.

Article Link: Apple Now Calling AR/VR Headset Operating System 'xrOS'

Spaceboi Scaphandre

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Jun 8, 2022
That is a much better name. realityOS was pretentious sounding and would've only given the Apple Haters more ammo. xrOS goes straight to the point

So this time around X means "extended" but last time it was a roman numeral and meant "10".

Not confusing at all.
did they forget about the existence of the iPhone XR or..
XrOS sounds way too complicated/confusing. RealityOS naming stands out more in my opinion.

Okay so I know the majority of people here have never used VR before so I have some explaining to do:

XR stands for Mixed Reality, the "X" being the X in mixed and representing things crossing over. XR creates 3D objects in your world, or allows you to have objects or viewpoints peer into the virtual space you're in. Example being the Meta Quest Pro, as it uses passthrough to allow 3D objects in your IRL view (such as extra displays on a Macbook Pro only you can see demonstrated during Meta Connect) or to have views or objects peer into your virtual space so you can see what's outside it, like a workdesk in Horizon Workrooms. Pokerstars VR has the option to forgo a virtual space and have the poker table to be in your real space.

tl;dr XR is just VR and AR combined, which is what Apple's headset aims to do. That's why the software for the HMD being called "xrOS" is better than realityOS


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I think the X is literal multiplication: how many times $1000 will this cost?

Apple needs that next trillion valuation and the one after that! Why should Apple consumers need to retain ANY money- or credit- at all?

However, while you are parting with plenty of dollars in this reality, inside the Apple alt reality, they can give you all the Apple bucks you can ever imagine. So you can brag to all of your friends without goggles how rich you are in Appleland and make them envious of your XR wealth. Ever want to swim in the Apple vault??? Now you can!

Cue up a Tennessee Ernie Ford classic: "I owwwwwe myyyyy souuuuuuuuul.............. to the company store." ;)
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Jul 25, 2012
the headset will have new versions of existing apps like Maps and Messages, which have been redesigned for an AR/VR experience
Maps? Is Apple expecting people to wear this while driving? I'll be interested to see how this works, even though I'm not that interested in purchasing these myself.
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