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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has prototyped at least one colored version of its MagSafe Charger for iPhone, suggesting the company could potentially one day release a new version of the device in additional color options beyond the standard silver model.


That's the claim made by Twitter account @KosutamiSan. According to the collector of rare Apple products, prototype information they obtained indicates that Apple intended to release its current MagSafe charger in a "colored version," similar to the MagSafe Charging 3 Charging cables it makes for the MacBook Air.

Apple includes a color-matched MagSafe 3 charging cable in the box with the MacBook Air, but also makes them available to purchase separately in the four MacBook Air colors: Space Gray, Silver, Midnight, and Starlight.

According to @KosutamiSan, Apple's prototyped colored MagSafe Charger for iPhone has more color saturation than the MagSafe power cables. The collector shared the above picture of a Starlight-colored MagSafe puck as an example, while also claiming that Apple has prototyped similar colored versions for the unreleased horizontal stand-based model called "Magic Charger."

It's not clear whether the prototyped colored chargers were designed to match with unreleased iPhone colors but were never mass produced. It's likewise unknown if Apple intends to launch colored versions in the future, but the prototyping tidbit is interesting nonetheless, and there is a chance that Apple could release more varieties of its MagSafe charger to compete with rivals in the new Qi2 market that is set to coalesce later this year.

"Magic Charger" MagSafe prototype (Image: @KosutamiSan)

Apple is contributing to the new version of the Qi open standard and it will work much like MagSafe. As a result, Apple's upcoming iPhone 15 models are expected to support 15W wireless fast charging even when using third-party chargers that are not Apple-certified, removing a key hurdle for third-party wireless chargers to compete with the company's MagSafe accessory.

Article updated to include additional Magic Charger details.

Article Link: Apple Prototyped MagSafe iPhone Chargers in Different Colors, Including Unreleased 'Magic Charger' Stand
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Apr 20, 2016
Meanwhile some company on AliExpress is few years ahead merging Apple Watch and Magsafe charger into one 🤷‍♂️

More details:


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Jun 26, 2021
This doesn't make sense unless they don't plan to change the colours on the iPhones.

But again, they have Apple Watch bands not matching the watch colours

Alex Cai

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Jun 21, 2021
Somewhere in Shanghai
Meanwhile some company on AliExpress is few years ahead merging Apple Watch and Magsafe charger into one 🤷‍♂️
Bought something similar before, and it stopped working with my AW the next day.
These companies aren’t big “proper” brands like Anker or Ugreen. They don’t have MFI-certified products. The design looks appealing, but why do big companies like Apple or Belkin sell them?
I’m a Chinese dude and I know that these stuff are unreliable.


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Aug 12, 2008
Whilst people are saying stupid comments about innovation (which is progressive boring at this point), with regards to multiple colours, why not?

It is 100% consistent with Apple from the days of G3, Macs, the iPod nano, all the way to the latest iMacs.


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Jan 26, 2013
IMO this is showing MagSafe to be something that will be more pushed by apple over time. They’re investing in the colors to show they’re going to transition to portless iPhones
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Apr 24, 2021
Meanwhile some company on AliExpress is few years ahead merging Apple Watch and Magsafe charger into one 🤷‍♂️

This is actually a shockingly good idea.... the iPhone "MagSafe" should just be this.
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