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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today released iOS 10.1 to the public, marking the first major update to the iOS 10 operating system that launched on September 13. In testing since September 21, iOS 10.1 saw Apple release five betas to developers and public beta testers before its public debut.

Today's iOS 10.1 update is available as a free over-the-air update for all iOS 10 users. It is the third update to iOS 10, following iOS 10.0.3, a minor bug fix update.


iOS 10.1 introduces a new "Portrait" mode, designed to take advantage of the two cameras included in the iPhone 7 Plus, released in September. Portrait mode uses the wide-angle and telephoto lenses in the iPhone 7 Plus to create shallow depth of field portrait photos with blurred backgrounds.

To achieve the blurred look, the image signal processor in the device uses the wide-angle camera to create a depth map while the telephoto captures an image, dissecting the different layers of the photo to decide what to blur with an artful "bokeh" effect. It works on people, pets, and objects, but it does require good lighting to achieve the proper results.

The update also offers a long list of bug fixes and other under-the-hood improvements to address many problems that have been uncovered since iOS 10 was released, and it also brings Transit directions to Japan for the first time.

There have been some tweaks to the Messages app. It's now possible to play Bubble and Screen effects in Messages with Reduce Motion enabled, something that wasn't previously possible. There's also a new option to replay Bubble and Screen effects. A full list of changes is available below:

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Article Link: Apple Releases iOS 10.1 With New Portrait Mode for iPhone 7 Plus [Updated]


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Oct 24, 2016
Not seeing it on an iPhone 7 Plus.

Edit - seeing it now as well.
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Apr 29, 2012
So 10.1 beta 5 was the final version? I'm on 10.1 beta 5 -and it says I'm up to date. Build number is 14B72c.

When is the 10.2 beta comin out with a fix for the animations on iPhone 7/7+?

A slight delay in an animation isn't a priority. There are much more important bugs to fix. It's fine on my 7.


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Jan 28, 2014
Oh good Lord thank you.... Let's hope they have fixes it and even more so for the watch os 3.1 so that I can actually start enjoying my Series 2 Apple Watch :D
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