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Apple Releases iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 With Home Screen Redesign, App Library, Compact UI, Translate App, Scribble Support, App Clips, and More


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Aug 12, 2011
Philadelphia, PA
How do you disable widgets? i used to be able to see everything in one glace with a swipe right. now i have big ass widgets which take up more room on my screen but i now have scroll down to see the same info as i did in one glace in iOS 13..
Yeah I really HATE how big the task buttons have become in the Shortcuts widget. Now most of my shortcuts don't fit in the widget, and the widget isn't scrollable.
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Sep 13, 2014
Philadelphia, PA USA
Thanks for your input. Would you mind posting here again if you find any more bugs mentioned anywhere? :)
Well, this is a definite bug.

With this, and others odd behaviors...I expect a patch fix soon. Maybe???
Whatever the case, I've decided to hold off updating until the new patch at the earliest.
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Feb 28, 2009
Huntington Beach
I don't think that is true. I remember the inability of adding widgets to home screen was one of the things that was different than iOS. And 9to5Mac also says:

iPadOS 14 arrives with the new widgets that have landed with iOS 14 (however they are limited to the Today View )

It is true. Like I said, when I set my iPad up as a new device I was able to add widgets to my home screen. I then reset the iPad and restored using an iCloud backup. Now the widgets features doesn’t work. It’s a bug Apple would need to address if its a widespread problem.


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Sep 24, 2020
So, after updating all of my devices, I am getting the following popup message on all of my devices about a site I have never been to before. Anyone else getting this?

View attachment 954211
I found this address used for one of my subscribed iCloud calendars. It was a calendar for movies releases, not really relevant at this point. I unsubscribed.


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The App Library still feels like a complete nightmare...wish they gave you the choice how you want the apps to appear.
If that's what you want you might as well just stick to Folders. No offence, I have both, folders for like things I want to keep together like Bank apps, Photography, Cycling related apps and media etc. I have one standard Home page, one page of Folders and the rest I leave to the Library. I particularly like the way it keeps most used apps in each classification on top. I used to have 7 pages of apps before.
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