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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today released iOS 9.0.1, a minor update that introduces several bug fixes for iOS 9. The iOS 9.0.1 update comes just one week after iOS 9 was released to the public on September 16.


iOS 9.0.1 is available to all iOS 9 users as an over-the-air update.

iOS 9.0.1 is a minor update that introduces bug fixes and performance enhancements to iOS 9. iOS 9 is Apple's latest operating system, which focuses on proactivity and intelligence with updates to Siri and Search. It also includes a split-screen multitasking feature for the iPad and updates to several Apple-branded apps.

Today's iOS 9.0.1 release precedes iOS 9.1, which will mark the first significant update to iOS 9. iOS 9.1 includes new emoji and settings for acclimating the "Hey Siri" activation feature to an individual user's voice.

Article Link: Apple Releases iOS 9.0.1 With Multiple Bug Fixes


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Sep 24, 2008
Blazer town!
these software updates are becoming joke; why release two weeks back 9.0 if the 9.0.1 is coming out soon?

soon there will be 9.1


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Mar 5, 2013
The Netherlands
I already found the Hey Siri training feature on the 9.1 PB. I thought I missed out that feature, but apparently it's new.
Wonder what the fixes in 9.0.1 are.


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Sep 10, 2010
Orange County CA
I was holding onto iOS 8.4.1 until the initial first patch went through for iOS 9. Something I usually do with most major software updates. Can anyone tell me if there were any major issues that this update addresses? I'm deciding whether I should upgrade or wait till iOS 9.1.


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Oct 30, 2008
34MB for my 5S. Quick download.

By the way, my 5S was laggy as hell and suffered bad battery life shortly after upgrading to iOS 9. But the lag resolved itself, probably indicating it was due to the revised Spotlight doing a deep re-index, and possibly other internal optimization processes. And the battery life practically doubled after I let it run all the way down after a couple days of annoyance, then charged it all the way back up. Yup, that trick still works, apparently.

Besides those self-fixing glitches and one email account that went wonky (but returned to normal after I deleted and re-entered it), it's been a smooth upgrade, with gratifyingly nice new capabilities.
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Dec 25, 2011
I'd be cautious to install a 0.1 update after the snafu that happened last year to the iPhone!
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