Apple Releases iOS 9.0.2 With Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements


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Jan 9, 2007
Wonder if it contains the time bug fix, which 9.1 beta 2 addressed.
I'd like to see that too getting fixed in this update. I am going to update soon and I'll check.
EDIT: For those who haven't noticed this bug it basically seems to not allow the phone to synchronize time automatically and the phone time starts drifting, sometimes to several seconds or minutes, depending on how good the internal clock is and how long it has been running IOS 9 (issue seem it existed in the beta drops of IOS 9). This is both annoying and sometimes can cause problems with applications that require accurate time. Before the bug the phone could keep time within a few milliseconds of UTC time, probably by using PTP.
EDIT2: It seems the time synchronization bug has been fixed in 9.0.2. It is hard to say so soon, as it takes a while for the clock to drift, but preliminary observations are encouraging. If I don't edit this post again it means that from my point of view the issue has been fixed.
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Dec 8, 2009
I was writing "waiting for the: does it resolve lags on my iPhone XY" but someone already did, as expected


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Jul 27, 2009
Will it fix the bug where a grey bar with 0:00 is displayed inside the box where I am trying to send a text message?
I also get this occasionally. The only fix I've found is a reboot. This is so far the buggiest update I've done on my old 4S.


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Jun 16, 2006
Lost Angeles, Ca. usa
I'm eagerly awaiting the public release of iOS 9.1. I currently have 9.1 beta running on my iPhone 6s-I did not want to but I couldn't downgrade from the 9.1 beta on my iPhone 5s-doing so would mean loss of data.

9.1 beta on my 6s is causing major sync problems (as in continuously syncing).
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Mar 31, 2009
Now fix the Apple Music the search issue where all the albums do not show up under the artist profile all you see is a loading sine or when searching not all albums show up, change the album covers in Apple Music store the size is really annoying and try to get other music labels to be on Apple Music. I am also sure I am not the only one who gets annoyed when a album has grayed out track for some reason from the label or artist not getting the rights from them.

Those grayed out tracks are annoying especially when it comes to DJ Mixes which are usually one long track and that is the real reason people want to listen the album.


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Feb 13, 2004
iOS 9.1 includes new emoji, settings for acclimating the "Hey Siri" activation feature to an individual user's voice
You guys keep saying the Hey Siri set up process is new in 9.1. It's already there in 9.0, and was even present in the 9.0GM release.


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Sep 29, 2008
So maybe THIS one fixes iPhone 6 Plus lag.
I'm hoping it fixes the lag on the iPhone 6. I didn't have lag when 9 came out but my phone's been slightly laggy since 9.0.1 - not in apps, just when unlocking. I kept hoping it would clear up over time but it hasn't. It's not a big deal, it just isn't the silky smooth performance from iOS 8. That being said, I like iOS 9 more than 8.
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May 3, 2009
Why not roll these up into a .1 patch? I don't get this .0x updates that seem to be rolling out fairly quickly.


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Nov 21, 2014
Anybody experiencing calendar navigation problems? I monthly view, I cannot tap into a future date. The only way to drill in is to tap the "today" button and swipe through the days or weeks.
I have this issue as well... Sometimes it doesn't let me click on a day to see my meetings.