Apple Releases iOS 9.0.2 With Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements


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Mar 23, 2007
In the article it mentions performance improvements, but in Apple's release notes it lists it as "improvements". Where does Apple state this release includes "performance improvements", am I missing it?
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Jul 27, 2003
Ever since 9.0.1, I haven't been able to download any songs from Apple Music for offline playback (I tap Make Available Offline and...nothing happens).

Well I just updated, opened the Music app and now have 400+ songs downloading!


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May 4, 2002
Go Vegan
Ah good - nevermind! The "Moments" section has cleared, but maybe that happened with the iOS 9 update, but thankfully the camera roll remains so nothing was lost.


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Oct 14, 2013
3 times after waking up late to work now maybe fix the alarm. I like my iPhone but I prefer to have a job...


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Sep 13, 2008
Is anyone else have Push Notification issues? Ever since 9.0.1, I'm not getting any push from CNBC, AP News, CNN. I only get it from Apple Pay, that's it.


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Oct 17, 2011
Why not roll these up into a .1 patch? I don't get this .0x updates that seem to be rolling out fairly quickly.
Likely to address some of the more important/prevalent issues quicker without needing to wait for the .1 release that still potentially needs some additional testing/tweaks given the new/changed features that are in it (aside from fixes).
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Sep 30, 2015
Is the home screen rotation on the 6s+ supposed to be this sticky? No matter how much I turn the phone, it stays locked until I interact with it - pull down search, swipe to another page, or open an app folder.

Once I do that, though, it switches instantly (and when I'm inside mail/messages/etc. the display rotates with the phone like I'd expect). This is my first time using a Plus model so I'm not sure if something is screwy here, or that's just how it always worked?


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Nov 20, 2008
Ventura County
Only way to fix it is to unpair and repair. You'll lose all fitness data from the time since installing watchOS 2.0.
No, you lose your calibration, not fitness data.

Unpair, repair, restore from watch backup that was just created on your unpairing. Just make sure you unpair your watch right next to your phone otherwise the backup won't be created.


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Oct 17, 2011
Anybody experiencing calendar navigation problems? I monthly view, I cannot tap into a future date. The only way to drill in is to tap the "today" button and swipe through the days or weeks.
I have this issue as well... Sometimes it doesn't let me click on a day to see my meetings.
I believe that's fixed in 9.1 (at least in the betas so far). In the meantime, quickly double-tapping the date you want (rather than using a single tap, which still works sometimes too) will usually get the job done.
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31 Flavas

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Jun 4, 2011
I don't see:

- Fixes issues where we turn your 12 month old device into a sluggish POS to try and make you buy a new device.
Wouldn't you then just conveniently accuse Apple of leveraging new features of newer iOS versions to encourage phone upgrades? Artificially locking out your otherwise capable phone from upgrade?

I thought supporting 4 year old cellphones with new software features was a good thing?


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Jul 1, 2008
New Jersey
This update contains bug fixes and improvements including:

- Fixes an issue with the setting to turn on or off app cellular data usage
- Resolves an issue that prevented iMessage activation for some users
- Resolves an issue where an iCloud backup could be interrupted after starting a manual backup
- Fixes an issue where the screen could incorrectly rotate when receiving notifications
- Improves the stability of Podcasts
There's a difference between 'fixes' and 'resolves'?
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