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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today released macOS Big Sur 11.2.1, the third update to the macOS Big Sur operating system that launched in November. macOS Big Sur‌ 11.2.1 comes a little over a week after the release of macOS 11.2.


The new ‌‌‌macOS Big Sur‌‌ 11.2.1‌ update can be downloaded for free on all eligible Macs using the Software Update section of System Preferences.

According to Apple's release notes, macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 addresses an issue that could prevent the battery from charging in some 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models. In an Apple support document released alongside the update, Apple says that a small number of customers with 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro models have experienced a bug that causes their batteries not to charge past 1 percent, an issue macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 fixes.

Affected customers who ran into the problem with an earlier version of macOS Big Sur will also see a "Service Recommended" notice and will need to contact Apple for a free battery replacement.

Update: macOS 11.2.1 also fixes a significant security vulnerability.

Article Link: Apple Releases macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 With Fix for MacBook Pro Charging Issue [Updated]
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Apr 29, 2005
Hope this fixes my issue. I have a 2016 15" Pro and the last few days have had issues where sometimes it says its not charging despite being plugged in, or another case where putting it back on power shows 0%, the plug in warning screen, then switched to saying the battery was at 100%.


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Jan 27, 2011
Daytona Beach, FL
I'll install it just to see if it fixes anything else not mentioned. It showed up for my late 2015 iMac. I figured if it was JUST for the MacBooks, it wouldn't show up on other machines.


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Jul 17, 2002
Central Texas
The OS lacks the polish of older ones. I'm sure it will be great after the entire development community updates their apps as well but the overall experience is similar to when they went from PPC to intel. This time its smoother but there are bugs that werent there before and you left one OS that was polished to one that didnt feel finished. As big as Apple is I wonder why they aren't able to get these things right faster. If they waited this long to release Apple Silicon they should have had enough time to work on the OS for it. Its not production ready for everyone but overall they have done well. But if it wasn't for so much compartmentalization at the company it would be more polished.


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Dec 7, 2005
compost heap
Is this super specific to just those machines? I have the new M1 MBP, so unless there is other stuff in this update, should I just hold off on downloading it and wait for 11.3 or something that’s relevant to my machine? Very confusing. Is it likely that they’d issue such a narrow update? I don’t see anywhere them saying “download only if you have these machines X, Y, Z”, so what does that mean, should I therefore update? I don’t really have many issues with my MBP, other than a Safari memory leak with Apple TV+ streaming, so unless they fix that in 11.2.1...


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Feb 9, 2021
Such a big file at 3GB's ? im not coming from beta wonder what else is being fixed ?


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Nov 23, 2020
Atlanta metro
Same update, same size on a 2017 12” MacBook model so it seems there’s more to it than a MBP charging fix.

--edit: M1 Mac mini as well--
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Richard Tillard

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Feb 8, 2021
I hope that there are some internal changes that just weren't written about in the change log... My feeling is that 11.2 on the M1 works a bit worse than the previous version. I see a lot of errors in the console. It feels like there is a slump in graphical performance.
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Aug 18, 2009
Upstate NY
For crying out loud! I checked for this update and discovered that I am STILL receiving beta updates despite removing myself from the program SEVERAL times. I am so over this!
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