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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has renewed Apple TV+ show "Ted Lasso" for a third season due to its popularity with both viewers and critics. According to Apple, critics have called the series "terrific," "hilarious," "heart-swelling" and "infectious," with the show earning an 86 percent on ratings site Rotten Tomatoes.


"Ted Lasso" is a comedy series that stars actor and Saturday Night Live alumnus Jason Sudeikis. Sudeikis originally played the Ted Lasso character for the 2013 NBC Sports English Premier League coverage.

The ‌Apple TV‌+ series revives the original Ted Lasso character, with Sudeikis playing a small-time college football coach from Kansas who's hired to coach a professional soccer team in England even though he has no experience coaching soccer.

Apple renewed "Ted Lasso" for a second season just a week after the series initially premiered, and 10 episodes of the first season are now available. The second season, which will also include 10 episodes, is set to begin filming in London in early January.

Article Link: Apple Renews Jason Sudeikis Show 'Ted Lasso' for Third Season
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Nov 29, 2007
I enjoyed it also, but I read a few days ago it was not renewed for a new season. :(

Perhaps not renewed yet? I couldn't find anything on it being cancelled.

To me, it seems like Apple would be foolish to cancel anything right new. Any new productions will be even more delayed and they must be starved for content and certainly not in need of saving money.
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