Apple Reportedly Advised Technicians to Push iPhone Upgrades to Customers With Out-of-Warranty Devices

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    yup. Mac mini. Mac Pro. iMac is getting there.

    basically look at Mac Rumors buying guide. When computers are in the "Red" do not buy, it's usually because the internals are so old that they're several versions, if not years out of date.

    it's bizarre. it really looks like that Apple, despite their massive size, can't seem to focus on more than 2 or 3 items at the same time. They should have a Mac team that can, without design change to the chassis' provide scheduled and regular updates to the internals that's agile enough to keep up to date.

    And yet, it seems that only the Cabal of executives have any power to do that. Unless one of the top brass are directly focused on it, nothing gets done.
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    No no no you still don’t understand Lol.

    First of all, I never said they’re trying to “upsell”. They ARE trying to push more iPhone sales regardless if it’s an iPhone 7, 8, XR or XS. It is a FACT.

    They are bringing more awareness to their trade-in program and advertising the XR as starting at “$449” for a REASON.

    Have they ever done this before? No! Did they have a disappointing Q1? Yes!

    It’s really not rocket science. They are absolutely going all out on trying to get people to upgrade. I never said there’s anything wrong with it, but they ARE doing it and this IS the first time.

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with technicians asking customers if they’re interested in an “upgrade”. Sometimes that’s the right call for the customer.

    The point being that Apple clearly was disappointed in Q1 hence why they’re really pushing these sales.

    The main issue is that sales specialists need to tread carefully. They’re being told to go up to Genius Bar customers while they wait for their appointment and position an upgrade.

    If I was sitting down for an appointment and haven’t even had my phone looked at or repaired yet, I would NOT want a salesman coming up to me asking me if I want to upgrade. Give me those options AFTER the appointment.
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    I'm sure it was never mentioned at the Apple stores to send the phone to iPad Rehab for a new TriStar chip. Otherwise, if the employees aren't lying, pressure selling is fine.
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    This may not be bad IF it's done tastefully. If your 'genius' is making it difficult for you to get an OOW repair-then this isn't selling a new phone but more coercion.
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    Yea for sure, that's fair. It will vary per situation, but yes it all depends how these reps are tactfully approaching customers about an upgrade.
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    “What’s that? your windshield cracked? Your speaker blew? Sir, it may be worth it to just buy a new car!”
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    As someone with an older iPhone, this tactic is not appreciated. “Sales 101” or not. Apple hasn’t done this before.

    In fact, they lowered the price of the original iPhone by several hundred dollars and again with the 3G because they knew they’d screwed up on pricing.

    That’s why so many people are tied up in the Apple ecosystem in the first place. Affordability.
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    Gotta be in it to win it
    Funny you say that I just did exactly that.:cool:

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