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Apr 12, 2001

Apple will launch a new version of the 4.7-inch iPhone 8 early next year with updated internals in a bid to boost its share of the mid-tier smartphone market, according to a report out today by the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) [Google Translate].


Citing sources from Taiwan-based Fubon Securities Investment Trust, EDN claims Apple's revised iPhone 8, launching in March 2020, will retain its 4.7-inch LCD display but will include a new PCB design featuring an A13 processor, a single-lens rear camera, and 128GB of base storage.

Production units are expected to reach 20 million, with all orders going to manufacturer Pegatron. EDN believes the new 4.7-inch iPhone 8 will have an aggressive price tag of around $649, as Apple attempts to boost its share of the mid-tier market, where it has lost out to Chinese rivals like Oppo and Vivo.

Apple's flagship iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR devices dominate its marketing, but the company continues to offer the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, originally launched in 2017, as lower cost options alongside the even cheaper iPhone 7 series.

Current prices for the existing iPhone 8 series, which include a Home button and thick top and bottom bezels, start at $599 for a 64GB iPhone 8 or $699 for an iPhone 8 Plus. Both older iPhones are more affordable than the $749 iPhone XR, the $999 iPhone XS, and the $1099 iPhone XS Max.

(Via DigiTimes.)

Article Link: Apple Reportedly Plans to Launch Revised 4.7-inch iPhone 8 in March 2020 to Boost Share of Mid-Tier Smartphone Market
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May 18, 2012
In 2020, world will have absolutely no place for those gigantic bezels, regardless of the price. The ones who want a home button and really hate the notch will be small in number.

And Apple doesn't really care for small numbers. Unless this phone is priced really, really low, this won't take off


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Mar 9, 2016
Perfect phone:
iPhone 8 with the iPhone X Front and three cameras on the back (telephoto+wide angle lens) :)


Jul 12, 2016
Sounds reasonable to me if they manage to keep the price low, just like the SE.

Key factor. The price point and the form factor. That was the point of the SE to begin with. If Apple delivers with those two elements, I’d say this new ‘4.8’ design has potential, especially given the majority smart phone manufacturers are not offering hardly any phones under 6 inches anymore.

A 4.8 design may not be ideal of what the SE once was in a 4 inch form factor, but this might appease to a wider demographic not being too small either.


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May 26, 2015
This makes no sense at all. Assuming Apple will do what they always do and launch the XI and XI Max and XR2 in September and brings down the prices of the XS($899), XS Max($999),XR($649), 8($499) and 8 Plus($599), how do they then differentiate between iPhone 8 from September 19 and iPhone 8 from March 20?
$50 more for 128GB instead of 64GB and things (CPU, etc) the average Joe doesn't know or understand, and it will be at the same price as the XR?
Something is wrong with this news, either the specs or price.


Jun 22, 2007
Sounds reasonable to me if they manage to keep the price low, just like the SE.
It could be an iPhone 8 with just a newer SoC, the A13 or even the A12.
There is market for "cheap" iPhones, but it should cost like iPhone 7 today, maybe even cheaper, otherwise it has no reason to exist.
I think Apple is going to make some changes. I mean nobody expected the iPad mini 5 to have the latest A12 chip, and priced that low. Compared to the 2018 iPhones, spec wise the iPad mini 5 is a total steal. It's surely exciting to see what's coming.
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