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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today reported Mac revenue of $9.17 billion in the fourth quarter of its 2021 fiscal year, which is an all-time quarterly revenue record for Macs. Apple CEO Tim Cook said there was "strong demand" for the M1 MacBook Air in particular.


No new Macs were released during the quarter, with the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models not being released until after the quarter ended, but Mac sales have been strong due to a work-from-home environment and as a result of Apple's successful transition to its own custom-designed chips in Macs, starting with the M1 chip last year.

Apple's financial chief Luca Maestri said the company's last five quarters for Mac revenue have been its best five quarters ever for the category.

iPad revenue was $8.25 billion for the quarter, which was not a record, but up 21% from $6.79 billion in the year-ago quarter.

iPad sales were likely boosted by the launch of the redesigned sixth-generation iPad mini and the ninth-generation lower-cost iPad during the quarter, while iPads remain popular as many people continue to work, learn, and connect with others from home.

Maestri said iPad supply was significantly constrained during the September quarter and Apple expects iPad revenue to decline on a year-over-year basis in the December quarter as a result of continued supply constraints.

Apple reported overall revenue of $83.4 billion for the quarter, which ran from late June through late September of this year.

Article Link: Apple Reports All-Time Quarterly Revenue Record for Macs With 'Strong Demand' for M1 MacBook Air
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Aug 20, 2015
Even grading on a curve of how good each Mac was at the time, this M1 Air is the best Mac I've ever owned -- especially when you consider the bang for the buck. Under $1K and it runs circles around the 2019 Intel Air I replaced with it, and with 2-3x the battery life.
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Jul 29, 2002
Vancouver, BC
Amazing, you dump the everything has to be thin and useless guy, start making products people want, and you get record sales. Who would have thought?

Don't be so single-minded. We have the Apple of today because of Jony Ive. He established the bar. Apple went too far towards minimization, but they are correcting themselves on that. The bar (high standard of design) remains though.


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Oct 14, 2016
San Jose
Just wait until they release the redesigned MacBook Air in mid 2022 with the M2 (or whatever they call it). It will be Apple’s most popular laptop ever.
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