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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is planning to retire its Music Memos app, which was first released in 2016 as an app designed to allow musicians and songwriters to capture song ideas on the fly. Since its launch, the app received few updates from Apple, and going forward, the app will receive no more updates.


According to an Apple Support document, Music Memos will no longer be available for download after March 1, 2021, but the app will still be available for use and can be downloaded from the App Store purchase history.

Still, Apple says that users should export Music Memos recordings to the Voice Memos library to ensure that they're saved, and the company is encouraging people to use Voice Memos over Music memos.

Apple today updated Music Memos to version 1.0.7, adding a new feature that allows Music Memos recordings to be exported to the Voice Memos library. Apple says that Voice Memos can be used to quickly capture ideas, and recordings can be taken further with GarageBand.

Exporting Music Memos to Voice Memos requires an iPhone with iOS 14 or an iPad with iPadOS 14, along with the latest versions of Voice Memos and Music Memos. Exported content will appear in Voice Memos in a folder titled "Music Memos."

Article Link: Apple Retiring 'Music Memos' App, Encourages Users to Transition to Voice Memos


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May 18, 2010
I'm really sad about this. This app was GREAT for whenever I wanted to take a quick "music memo." It was the perfect Notes version for music when I had a little idea I wanted to record from the guitar without getting too crazy with other apps and having to save things a certain way, etc. Was easy to throw a super basic drum or bass line in automatically generated just to help with the feel slightly. I will miss this dearly. :-(

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Jul 22, 2002
If you want a replacement, get the Spire recording app. It’s for their hardware, but it works great standalone and performs normalizing and noise reduction on the recording such that it’s cleaner. AND it’s free.


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Jun 22, 2006
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I never really understood why Music Memos co-existed with Voice Memos. They basically performed the same task if all you wanted to do was "jot down ideas". If you wanted to do anything more than that, then Garage Band was free and easy to use. I tried Music Memos a few times, but didn't find anything compelling about it.


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Oct 1, 2019
This is a great tool , especially for those writing and composing musical ideas . Maybe Apple will release a different app or implement it directly into Logic/Garage Band. There is nothing like this on the app store. Adding bass and drum on the fly for every idea and then open in Logic for edits ....that was truly inspiring


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Nov 25, 2020
i can't be the only person who's never heard of music memos
We have (had) music memos? What is going on with Apple that they cannot get the word out about what their products can do? I hope Steve Jobs is not rolling to much with where Apple is going.

Rember when Apple made software and hardware that allowed users to be creative? Now we have Apple TV and Apple music that let us watch and listen to what other creative people do.


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Mar 3, 2004
UK, Europe
I didn't either!

Couple of ways to know this app (and others like it) exist:
  1. Keeping an eagle-eye on MacRumors
  2. Tapping 'More by Apple' on the App Store listing for an Apple app
The app should have been developed further. Now the decision not to has been taken, the best way to wrap this up would be to incorporate the core functionality into Voice Memos (give it another tab, like how Fitness+ is about to appear as a new tab in Fitness app) and maybe rename it to Audio Memos.


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Sep 1, 2016
Nottingham, England
This app is great and I use it all the time. It intelligently works out the chords & key, automatically puts drums down & bass and keeps time with your parts even if your timing is off.

You can quickly export an mp3 to WhatsApp or other apps or export the project with separate drum & bass parts to GarageBand.

Does anyone know if GarageBand does the same? I.e. keep drums in time with your guitar, identify your chords & workout the key?
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