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Apr 12, 2001

Despite long lines and activation troubles, Apple announced today that it sold its one millionth iPhone 3G on Sunday, only three days after its initial launch on Friday, July 11th. In the press release, Steve Job points out that it took 74 days to sell the same number of the original iPhones. The iPhone 3G is now available in 21 countries. When the iPhone was first announced in 2007, Apple had announced a goal of selling 10 million iPhones in 2008.

In addition, Apple announced that the newly launched App Store has had over 10 million iPhone and iPod touch applications downloaded over roughly the same period of time.
"The App Store is a grand slam, with a staggering 10 million applications downloaded in just three days," said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. "Developers have created some extraordinary applications, and the App Store can wirelessly deliver them to every iPhone and iPod touch user instantly."

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Apr 18, 2008
Apple'll be rolling in happiness and money now :eek: :D

I guess the addition of countries adds to the pacey selling of the 3G


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Oct 19, 2007
I have to admit, it was a pathetic rollout, BUT the applications are fantastic. They will easily put the iPhone ahead of most other smartphones....


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Aug 25, 2007
That's just insane - I read that some 02 stores were selling 40 iPhones per hour which is more than they usually sell in an entire day


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May 14, 2003
Paid vs Free

Does anyone know how many of those download apps were paid versus free?


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Dec 24, 2001
Carson City, NV
The App Store is a huge hit

Took me more than awhile to get my iTouch upgraded, but once, finished, I probably spent another $40 on apps, including Crash Bandicoot, Cro Mag, and Enigmo. Its convenient, fun, and inexpensive, and developers and Apple get the loot without a lot of overhead.

The games are addictive.



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Mar 25, 2002
London, England
Wonder how many have yellow screens or still won't activate? Wonder how many existing users that registered their early interest still can't get one?

Impressive figures to be sure, aside from that, the whole thing has been a resounding disaster.


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Mar 15, 2005
Great news!!!

Now hopefully Apple will put some of that profit to move server horsepower and more bandwidth for iTunes servers and Mobile Me!!!


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Feb 10, 2007
" took 74 days to sell the original iPhone."
That's a bit unfair, I'm sure they were selling faster than that! ;)

I see the 1st gen iPhones are still fetching more than £100/$200 on eBay... hmm, I can sense a free upgrade soon! :)


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Jul 27, 2004
It's not that amazing! The rollout of the first generation (US only) was 270.000 iPhones in the first days. And now 1 milion for the worldwide launch? But the first iPhone was in good supply, maybe if they had more available on all locations the figures would be probably more impressive indeed.


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Feb 4, 2002
And the lines go on...

Walked by the 5th Ave Apple store this morning to see if maybe I could snag one before work. Ha! People were still lined the rain. There were still camera crews there too. People, get over it I can get mine! :)

And my strategy to walk in at 2 am like last year was killed too as Apple decided to stop selling iPhones during the day rather than sell through their entire stock. I guess to keep appearances that they still have stock through the weekend? Or maybe to work through the backlog of slow activations. Who knows, I just know I'm not getting one till the craziness dies down.

Also slightly disappointed to hear that the Music Store isn't accessible via 3G. I'm stuck on a filtered network all day and it would've been nice to download music right on the phone. Ah well, I'm happy with the apps.


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Feb 24, 2005
Allegedly botched rollout and still 1 million sold in a weekend? Sounds like they'll have sold 5 million by the end of the month.

Expect a very smug Steve come MWSF keynote when he announces they actually got 2% marketshare in 2008. Don't expect him to point out that he wouldn't have come close to hitting the 10 million target without abandoning revenue sharing and permitting carrier subsidies, either.


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Sep 27, 2004
Knoxville, TN (USA)
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I wonder if this number includes the phones purchased ordered from the AT&T stores after they were sold out. When I ordered mine the rep said the they had sold more that way than they originally received. If that number doesn't include those I'd imagine that once the AT&T stores start getting new shipments that number will go up greatly.


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Jun 14, 2008
Wow, an impressive number, but imagine what these figures would be like if people could have gotten their hands on them as fast as they wanted. Those lines and activation woes really slowed down the pace of this release.
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