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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's suppliers have already begun providing it with parts for an upcoming 13-inch "MacBook" update, according to a paywalled report from China's Commercial Times summarized by DigiTimes.

Notebook hinge maker Jarllytec reportedly started shipping metal injection mold-made (MiM) hinges to Apple in May, said to be destined for a 13-inch MacBook. The MacBook in question is likely to be a future revamped 13-inch MacBook Pro, which past rumors suggest will use MiM hinges.

Metal injection molding is a technique used to create small, intricate metal parts. Apple is rumored to be using hinges crafted this way to save space, as the next-generation MacBook Pro models are said to be ultra-thin.

The same report suggests Jarllytec will begin shipping hinges for 15-inch MacBook models in the third quarter of 2016, raising the possibility that Apple will stagger the releases of the redesigned MacBook Pro, first introducing a 13-inch model and following it up later with a 15-inch model. If Apple already has hinges in hand for a 13-inch MacBook Pro, it would perhaps be ready to debut in the next couple of months. We've already seen a chassis said to be for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, supporting the notion that it is perhaps already in production.


We are not expecting to see MacBook Pro announcements at WWDC, but rumors have suggested Apple will debut its next-generation MacBook Pro machines during the fourth quarter of 2016. Should Apple be planning to stagger the releases, a 13-inch model could come in September and a 15-inch model could follow in October or November should it not be ready to launch at the same time.

Predicting Apple's plans for the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro is difficult because there are a lot of confusing rumors about the two machines. Many of the rumors about the devices have referred to them as simply "MacBooks," and that ambiguous naming is further confused by a report from Ming-Chi Kuo suggesting Apple is also working on a 13-inch MacBook that would be sold alongside the 12-inch MacBook.

Distilling the rumors down, it's clear there are new MacBook Pro machines in the works, but figuring out a more concrete release date won't be possible until we have more information to work with.

In addition to being ultra thin with a MacBook-style design, Apple's next-generation MacBook Pros are expected to include an OLED touch panel that will replace the function keys on the existing MacBook Pro. Touch ID may be included, and rumors suggest the bar will be dynamic, changing the available keys based on the app in use. This touch panel will need to be deeply integrated into OS X, so additional hints on the upcoming MacBook Pro may be found in OS X 10.12, releasing to developers next week.

Article Link: Apple Supplier Already Shipping 13-Inch MacBook Pro Hinges for Future Update
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Apr 12, 2010
Why not? MS managed to have MagSafe & dGPU in their Surface Book (which is absolutely gorgeous by the way). Just chuck in a quad-core option and you've got the perfect laptop.

I bought a surface book, and yes they did put a dGPU in. doesn't mean that it is happening with Apple 13"MBP.

also the surface book uses a 15W CPU.


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Jun 3, 2007
Its in production since May. Why shouldn't they be able to ship them by the End of June? 13 inch was rumored for financial Q3 (yes, three). The 15 inch will come in Q4. Those are all financial quarters. Q3 (financial) ends by the end of June. The 13 inch will come in June.
It just does not make sense to wait until September to launch it if they are producing them now.


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Jul 20, 2014
Okay this might sound ridiculous, but for some reason I'm going to be really devastated if they opt for the glossy Apple logo on current MacBooks and not the iconic glowing Apple logo that lights up.

Also, I'm going to be really upset if the function keys are more advanced than the entire screen itself, which should include OLED and optionally touch as well.
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Sep 19, 2003
I really hope this USB-C only leak is a 13" MacBook, not a Pro, because I'd like MagSafe and HDMI. But that would really clutter up the lineup. I don't see them having both a 12" and 13" MacBook unless they got rid of the Air, and I think it's a little soon for that.


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Nov 23, 2011
I personally can't stand the hinge on the Surface Book. I like the regular Surface though.

I thought that, but then I used one and I didn't notice the hinge as much as I thought it would.

Hinge aside, the whole construction of the thing is beautiful. If I had to run Windows on any machine other than a Mac, it would probably be the Surface Book.
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