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Oct 12, 2019
Nothing to do with spec chasing

You claimed the current Mac Pro “one ups” the last intel Mac Pro because “overall capabilities”

That was merely one example of how it’s less capable

Meanwhile you have yet to come up with a cogent argument about anything or even give a straight answer to any single question

Yes the current Mac Pro is slightly faster than the the last intel, as it should be after four years have passed regardless of architecture

That’s the only example of “one upping” you’ve come up with yet

If you have an actual argument I can’t wait to read it
I don’t understand your argument. Your argument is also based on just one point of the Mac Pro being not upgradable in the RAM and dGPU hence it is less capable. I would like to point out that there’s nothing technically to stop Apple from using socketed RAM and dGPU. It is an engineering and business decision. As RAM capacities increases, RAM will be less of a concerns in the future, and I think not too far into the future. dGPU will not be sustainable going forward as GPU workload increasing and PCIe becomes increasingly bottlenecked. Much better to move to a new way of working now than to wait.

Current AS GPUs are already good enough for gaming raster workloads and we’re moving towards more computation workloads with large dataset. Rumoured ray tracing capabilities will add to AS GPU capabilities. It is inevitable.

Overall, the new Mac Pro is more performant and capable of solving tasks better and more efficiently compared to the previous generation of Mac Pro, do you agree? Isn’t that the definition of overall capabilities. I’m not claiming that it is solving ALL tasks better, just those that Apple is focusing on.

Looks like you just want upgradability above all else and shutting everything else down as not important. This is the reason why I’m hesitant to elaborate with you as it doesn’t seem like you’re open to more points of Views.


Oct 21, 2009
Desktop PC sales are going down. DIY parts sales are going down. Just because we have more options does not mean that people are using them.

Even SSD and DRAM manufacturers are posting losses, on commodity items, because nobody is buying anything, but in this case - its because of general downturn caused by macroeconomy.
You have yet to provide evidence. If it's dying, we would not have a lot of options available.
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Sep 17, 2008
In my country, New Zealand, there are a number of companies who build computers for customers using DIY parts so I guess this is a case of there being an intermediary using their skills for those who are not so able to do this for themselves. These are successful enterprises which are certainly not dying away at the present time.
In my country that's the case too, now days, computer parts for DYI are thriving, they are growing not dying.
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Jul 24, 2017
average Windows 2019 Jan-Jul = 70.43%
average Windows 2023 Jan-Jul = 56.4%

not my problem if you refuse to ignore hard data.

It’s not exactly hard data

There methodology is vague at best

The numbers also change significantly simply by changing from a line graph to a bar graph


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Dec 7, 2014
As just one of many ways these stats are flawed, I wouldn't be surprised if Statcounter incorrectly counts iPads as macOS. Since late 2019, iPadOS identifies Safari as macOS. This correlates with a bump:

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