Apple Testing Software Update to Address 2013 MacBook Air Wi-Fi Issues

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    Last week, it was reported that a growing number of owners of Apple's new MacBook Air were experiencing Wi-Fi issues, with users reporting problems such as dropped connections that require a restart in order to reconnect. It was reported earlier this week that Apple has been replacing affected machines and collecting the defective units in order to examine them as part of the company's investigation into the issue.

    As noted by AppleInsider, Apple is now sending out invitations to certain MacBook Air owners asking if they wish to participate in the company's AppleSeed customer software seeding program for the purposes of testing a new "MacBook Air WiFi Update 1.0". While Apple does not specify in its invitation exactly what problem the software update is designed to address, it presumably focuses on the connection issues being reported by users.
    Beyond the connection issues, Apple's OS X 10.8.4 public release and OS X Mavericks beta also appear to have a software issue that prevents machines supporting the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard from taking advantage of the faster speeds for file transfers. It is, however, unclear whether Apple will address this issue for current MacBook Air owners through this software update in testing or through a separate update such as the upcoming OS X 10.8.5 update.

    Article Link: Apple Testing Software Update to Address 2013 MacBook Air Wi-Fi Issues
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    Hopefully they fix the AC issues before the rMBP refresh comes out
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    previous gen MBA

    I have the model before this and I also have issues connecting to wifi after rebooting or starting. The problem goes away when I turn wifi off then on.
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    What's coming?

    What's unbelievable?

    Really, these posts are useless. If you have a viewpoint, express it for goodness sake.
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    They offered me a similar option when I reported WiFi drops during 10.7. I got a call from them. I had filled out a bug report on the matter. They essentially wanted me to brick my machine for their own purposes. Since like most people I need my computer for work amongst other things, I declined. For the time being I wired it to my modem and discontinued use of WiFi. The guy was a little annoyed and I ended the conversation with "You have developers, engineers and iMacs of your own."

    Personally I feel that inviting the end level consumer to take part in these tests only allows for more bugs to be reported to the end level consumer (Such as patrons) and make Apple look bad. Truth of course is bugs happen. Hardware issues happen. Most people I don't think know that. But then again most people who read about it here probably do know that.

    But then again Apple has....had quite a lot of bugs in the last 24 months. I'm still confused as to why no one at Apple is addressing why Spotlight constantly indexes hard drives. I've reinstalled several times throughout the year and each time it's still there.

    From what I have been hearing this issue with the 2013 MacBook Airs might be hardware based. Which is disappointing since I was planning on buying one in the fall. Now I won't.
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    John Snappier Appleseed.
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    Problems with newly bought equipment are always a disappointment, and a let-down, but at least APPLE usually reacts swiftly to such problems.
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    So separate from 10.8.5 testing. Hopefully it's fixed quickly.
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    Usually Apple does a good job, but they have a tendency to ignore some issues and hope they go away. I've been wrestling with an issue with my iPhone5 that I've had since launch day. Finally after opening a bug report, they swapped the unit out so they could see what the problem was, and the replacement unit has the same issue. They've stopped talking to me and updating the bug report since I told them that.
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    This happened to me this morning on my 2013 MBA running Mavericks Preview 1. It arrived yesterday, used it all day on WiFi without issue, used it again this morning without issue, then when I woke it up a few minutes ago after charging web pages wouldn't load. Turning Wifi off and on fixed it. I can certainly live with it until the fix comes.
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    I gotta say, without breaking my NDA - much, 10.9 has remedied any WiFi issues that plagued my current generation Mac Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and 2011 iMac. I'm surprised Apple doesn't utilize whatever resolved software developed in 10.8 updates, the infrastructure is set and if it is in testing stages could easily be implemented.

    It seems this is more in relation to the ac protocol as well, of which I use through a new Extreme and MacBook Air. No issues on my end, however that means nothing if it is widely spread. I have noticed the new Extreme router improved my 2.4 and 5 GHz networks over N tremendously. Hmmm.
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    Mavericks was never in a public beta stage. Mavericks exists as OS X 10.9.0 DP1 and OS X 10.9.0 DP2 at the moment, not as OS X 10.9.0b1 or OS X 10.9.0b2. ;)
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    I miss the beta's before 10.7. I was always excited for a new beta download and clean install, and beta's came so often with many having new, fun features (some not making GM) I was a kid on Christmas opening presents. :eek:


    Dirty! lol
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    Is this a sign Apple is going to move to "WiFi"? Where's the hyphen?
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    So you're both:
    (a) pissed off that Apple won't fix hard-to-reproduce bugs. (I, for example, have multiple Macs and have no idea what you're talking about with this Spotlight re-indexing bug) AND
    (b) pissed off when Apple actually DID try to fix these bugs by contacting you?

    All right then...
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    I have these issues on a 2012 macbook pro classic occasionally I'm thrown out of wifi and have to reconfigure. No idea if it's the router or the laptop tho.
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    May 25, 2013
    Good timing! Just when I'm about to receive mine. I've read that not everyone's having the same problem, but it's good to see they're releasing a software update to fix it.
  22. Mr. Retrofire macrumors 601

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    Mar 2, 2010
    The Broadcom chips require certain workarounds in the drivers. Give the developers some time.
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    I already ordered one assuming they would fix the wifi issue soon. It works fine in windows, so I'm sure it's an easy fix in OS X as well.
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    same for my 2010 iMac...

    I lose WiFi on my iMac occasionally and my older airport extreme is 3' away from the machine.

    Whatever the case with the Airs, I hope this AppleSeed beta will fix the problem for everyone.
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