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Apr 12, 2001

Update: Since this story was published, Mark Gurman has clarified that he was referring only to new Apple Watch Pride bands, not a new "Pride" version of Apple Watch. The story headline has been revised to reflect the clarification.

Apple will soon announce the launch of a new "Pride" edition of the Apple Watch Series 7, along with a selection of new bands to celebrate Pride Month, based on information shared by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

2021 "Pride Edition" Braided Solo Loop

Over the last four years, Apple has debuted new Apple Watch Pride bands in the month of May, and last year on May 25 the company launched a "Pride Edition" Braided Solo Loop and Nike Sport Loop Apple Watch band, alongside a new Pride watch face.

This year, however, Apple could add something new to the mix by unveiling an actual "Pride version" of its latest Apple Watch alongside the new bands, assuming Gurman's choice of words is accurate.

According to the journalist's sources, updated marketing materials have already been sent to Apple's retail stores including images of the new Pride edition Apple Watch, and they'll be followed by new Pride bands, although they are set to arrive later this week.

In the meantime, Apple's existing Pride variants of its Braided Solo Loop and Nike Sport Loop can still be found exclusively on Apple's online store.

Article Link: Apple to Launch New Apple Watch Pride Bands as Soon as This Week
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Nov 17, 2003
My nike pride sport band is looking a little tired, was just thinking I should replace it. Bring on the new bands!


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May 15, 2021
You’re actually missing the very first one, which was employee-exclusive. Looks nearly identical to the one on the left, except the connectors were made of metal, too!

Oh that’s pretty cool. Doubt the connectors are space black though, and the nylon buckle bands don’t look that good anymore with the Series 7 redesign.


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Apr 25, 2022
I still can’t even imagine buying an official apple band… they’re soooo overpriced and a band is something easily replicated by third parties, often for the better
I feel the exact opposite. There was a period where I was buying a lot of third party bands; yes, they were cheap, but the almost always broke quickly or were really ugly in person. Now I've resigned to the fact that pretty much only Apple can make these things decently.
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