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Apr 12, 2001

The so-called "Apple Watch Pro" will feature a larger 47mm case size, according to a report today from Japanese website Mac Otakara. By comparison, the Apple Watch Series 7 is available in 41mm and 45mm case sizes.


A larger 47mm case size would result in the Apple Watch Pro having a larger display, which could measure in at 1.99 inches diagonally.

The report, citing information received from "reliable sources," also claims the Apple Watch Pro will feature a completely flat display, whereas existing Apple Watch models have slightly curved edges around the display. The flat design could improve the durability of the Apple Watch Pro, which Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported will be a "rugged" model designed for high-impact activities like hiking and extreme sports.

While a 47mm case size is new information, the flat display has been rumored previously. Other features expected for the Apple Watch Pro include a titanium casing, longer battery life, an expanded Low Power Mode, an S8 chip, and more.

Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch Pro alongside two standard Apple Watch Series 8 models and the iPhone 14 at its September 7 media event. Pricing remains to be seen, but titanium Apple Watch models currently start at $799 in the United States, so it would be reasonable to expect a starting price of around $799 to $999.

Article Link: 'Apple Watch Pro' Rumored to Feature Larger 47mm Case Size With Flat Display
Sounds like a great watch! Hopefully the rumors aren’t way off like they were last year.
I honestly think the rumors were all correct and spot on and we are just 1 year ahead when it comes to the rumors. Apple is already working on iPhone 15. I also believe we may see a bronze or matte black iPhone this year instead of the purple.


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Sep 29, 2009
I'm expecting to be disappointed by battery life. It needs to at least double to be competitive with a Garmin Venu, and there's no chance it will come close to matching a Fenix watch... unless they add the pogo pins like the iPad Pro (and original Apple watch), and then release a battery filled watch band. That would be a really nice surprise.

Thomas Davie

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Jan 20, 2004
I’ve wanted an Apple Watch since the beginning when they first came out. Passed b/c 24 hour battery life unacceptable for me. Ended up buying a Galaxy Watch 3. I could easily get 6 days battery life w/apps. Of course the more I use it, the shorter the battery life.

The Apple Watch would be a day 1 purchase for me *if* the battery life is extended and not merely througha low power mode.

Other than that I’d be on board.
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