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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is working on an Apple Watch Series 8 model with a larger display, according to DSCC's Ross Young and Haitong International Securities's Jeff Pu.


In October last year, Young suggested that the Apple Watch Series 8 could come in three display sizes. Now, responding to a query about the rumor on Twitter, Young claims that the additional display size joining the Apple Watch lineup will be 1.99-inches in size diagonally.

Likewise, in a note to investors seen by MacRumors, analyst Jeff Pu mentioned that Apple supplier Luxshare will be the "sole supplier" for a "high-end" 2-inch Apple Watch model this year. It seems likely that the 1.99-inch display size presented by Young has simply been rounded up by Pu.

A 1.99-inch Apple Watch display size compares to 1.691-inches on the 41mm Apple Watch Series 7 and 1.901-inches on the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7. The new display size would offer an additional 0.089-inches of space diagonally over the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7, which is almost a five percent increase.

It is possible that the slightly larger display size relates to the rumored redesign for the Apple Watch Series 8 with flat edges. Earlier this year, the leaker known as "ShrimpApplePro," who correctly said that the Apple Watch Series 7 would feature a rounded design like the Apple Watch Series 6, claimed that Apple was working on a "flat front glass display" for the Apple Watch Series 8. It seems plausible that an Apple Watch design with flat edges, first raised by leaker Jon Prosser in 2021, would feature a slightly larger flat top surface area, which could explain a five percent display size increase, although this remains speculation.

It is also of note that Young and Pu's claims could also line up with rumors about this year's "rugged" Apple Watch model, which is expected to join the Apple Watch lineup alongside the other Series 8 models. Flagship Apple Watches have historically only ever been offered in two size options, so a third, larger display size could correlate with a new, additional Apple Watch "Explorer Edition" variant, especially if this is also the model to offer a new design with flat edges.

Article Link: Apple Watch Series 8 Model Rumored to Feature 5% Larger Display

Mr. Dee

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Dec 4, 2003
Honestly, that iPhone 12/13 slab design mock-up for the Watch 8 we’ve been predicting for a while now has not grown on me. It just looks like it would be uncomfortable to wear. Not to mention, it wouldn’t age well. Looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff.

My recommendation would be more of the rounded, contour edges of the new MacBook Pro’s and Air. It’s a squared off design yes, but it’s a little softer.


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Jun 6, 2005
If you need to use 3 decimal places, then inches are probably not the right unit of length to be using.
Right? Does apple even market the watch sizes in freedom units inside the USA, or do they just use mm like everywhere else?

I’ve got at assume the new size is 50mm, and not the very on-brand 1.99” Apple Watch 🤣

Also, article maths is wrong. 45 => 50 is not “nearly 5% bigger”, it’s 10% bigger, but I guess all those decimal places to try and measure it in furlongs introduced some errors
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Apr 26, 2021
I don't honestly now why the display needs to be bigger. I'm still on a series 4 and I never wish I had more display space (smaller bezels sure).

Better and/or custom watch faces... now that's a different matter.
I've got the 44mm S5 which is the same sizes as the S4. I would love for the bezels to be smaller and the screen to expand into them, like the S7. I'd rather the bezel space be given to the screen rather than used to make it smaller.

Looking at it, I think the size on my wrist is probably about right, but I would welcome a bigger size. If the size is just right on my wrist, then that means someone with a bigger arm, wrist etc. would find it on a small side, perhaps? (I have small/average sized arms)
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