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    Hi everyone. So I tried searching the other topics about this. Didn't see much. Maybe I'm in the wrong place. If so, I apologize. My question is do most people on here opt for the AppleCare+? I had it on my 4s and 6 and the iMac I had for a short time. I did love their customer service. But I noticed it went up in price and same with the replacement fee. I have never damaged a phone since my first flip phone. I am very careful. But would most people here still recommend it? What are your experiences? Thanks in advance!!
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    You are in the right spot. :) You will get a wide number of opinions ranging from you absolutely must have it all the way to how silly you are if you buy it. Me, I've always bought AppleCare. Others refuse to and can show you the math on what must be done to break even (involves multiple instances). But what it boils down to is how you feel about insurance. So no wrong answer, it depends on what matters to you.
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    I live in the netherlands, ill buy my phones with Bitcoins so with no reciepe. On the day you activite the phone you have one year support of Apple. So i buy always a apple care protection plan so that i have get also 2 year support instead of one.
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    When I can afford it, I buy it. I couldn't afford it this year so I'm complementing the standard one year warranty with my carrier insurance.

    Something to consider. You may be careful, but others around you might not be so careful of or with your stuff. I buy AC+ to protect myself from others, especially one particular person I work with who has a history of clumsily breaking things on my desk. I don't buy it because I am clumsy.
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    I never get apple care for my iPhones solely because I'm very careful with my devices and have never broken one. However this time I did opt to purchase icracked's protection plan for $8 a month since my phone is over $1000 to replace. Since I plan to sell my device within a year I'll save $30 or so with their service, and their deductible is only $25 with unlimited claims. For mac though apple care is almost a must have. Over the past year they have replaced the whole computer internals of my MBP 3 times at no charge.
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    I have bought the coverage for my watch but have not for my iPads or iPhones. I have bought a few displays over the years for the kids but so far have been ok on my own phone. If you buy the plan and don't use it, you can get a refund for a part of the plan you did not use based on time. So, it may not be so bad in the end, I just have not done it myself.
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    I did on my last 3 phones, but didn't on the 6s. It's just too expensive now. You can get an out of warranty replacement for the same cost as AppleCare + and deductible. It would pay off slightly if you make 2 claims I suppose.
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    Thank you everyone for your input. I am still on the fence but I believe I have a little more time to decide. It would definitely give me piece of mind to have it. But as stated above it is expensive - compared to what I'm used to paying. Thanks again!
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    I never buy AppleCare + for my IOS devices. I use an American Express card for the original purchase which gives you one year additional warranty and 90 days of theft and damage protection. Over the years I have used the American Express protection twice during the second year of coverage and they have been very quick to pay for the Apple out of warranty repair cost or the full cost of the device. Last year I dropped my iPhone 6 Plus and cracked the screen which was not covered by Apple or American Express so I ended up paying Apple $129 for a screen replacement. I figure since 1998 I have purchased many IOS devices for my family and am way ahead by not purchasing AppleCare +. This works well for me, but I know others may wish to have the protections that AppleCare + provides.
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    This should help:

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