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    So I called Apple to ask about transferring our AppleCare+ from our 6S Pluses to the new 7's. I've got conflicting info from Apple regarding transferring AppleCare, but some have told me I can transfer the plan to the new phones while others said I cannot.

    Every year it's the same thing, get the new phone, order AppleCare for it and get a refund for the unused amount on the old one.

    My question is this: Is AppleCare worth getting if you get a new iPhone every year? Beyond the accidental damage part, do I get anything extra with AppleCare? For example my 6S+ had to be replaced and I did so through their express replacement option where they put a hold on a card, send you a new one and you send the bad one back, releasing the hold. Can you not do that with the normal warranty if it's within a year?

    Of course Apple will try to tell you that you need the coverage, but I'm not seeing the value at this point.

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    Yes, especially if you do the express replacement without AC+ in the one year, you will have to pay the $29 processing fee + have the hold. With AC+ the processing fee is already waived and you just have to deal with the hold. If you crack your screen it's only $29 to get it fixed now. I would say it's worth it especially if you're making payments on your phone, because if you go to trade in after a year and your phone is broken, the carrier will make you pay for it.

    I got AC+ on my 6S and called and got a prorated refund and used it towards buying it for the 7.
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    Well. Think of it this way. Cost of apple care and 1 screen replacement $129+29=pretty much $160. Screen replacement (through apple) without apple care - $150
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    It's only with apple care plus rn (that service where they send you a prepaid package to ship back alongside a new iPhone).

    Personally I've never gotten the apple care and have been fine, even though I crack my screen as well. I just either keep it crack or repair it for around 99 plus tax (125 if yours is plus size) and the deductible for incidental swap is $79. Wasn't that big of a deal for me, esp if I have to pay $129 for it.

    Usually besides incidentals, apple care will give you an extra year of technical support where some things done at the Genius Bar will be covered, others discounted, compared to those without apple care plus.

    I recently had software corrupt on my 6S and they swapped it out, but that's within a year. If it's over a year, I can't imagine them not servicing it for free, it's merely just wiping it clean (of the corrupt software).

    They did change the price of screen repair for those under Apple care and Apple care plus to 29.

    So I guess if you're really clumsy and refuse to use decent (albeit ugly to some) cases and/or screen protectors (the glass one and not the cheap film)--it may be worth it.

    Or if you have bad luck with your iPhones acting up...and you tend to keep your phone longer then a year or two.
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    Thats always been my problem with AppleCaare+

    Good if you're a klutz, but not so great financially for one freak accident vs just paying to repair it that one time.

    Knock on wood never had any issues with iphones back to the 3GS needing repair in any way.
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    We keep both our phones in good cases with tempered glass screen protectors and neither of us have had any accidental or drop damage (knock on wood). Sounds like we don't really need it. In the rare case I need to use express replacement, I can cover the $30 no problem as that's the only time I've used AppleCare.

    Thanks for all the replies. :)
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    You can transfer the remaining Applecare...but you have to still purchase Applecare but you just get a prorated discount off the Applecare plan you place on the current iPhone.
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    Its just a decision that you have to make what makes the most sense for you. I am going naked with IUP, so its included, but would probably get it even if I didn't have to. I feel you get treated better by Apple if anything goes wrong with your phone if they see you have applecare.
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    When I called Friday evening, I had to cancel the AC+ on my 6s+ and rebuy for my 7+.

    She said it was after 30 days...

    also... if they do find a way to transfer it... remember... screens were not $29 last year.... so you may very well be under the AC+ terms from last year...
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    "If you cancel your AppleCare plan more than 30 days after your purchase, you’ll get a refund based on the percentage of unexpired AppleCare coverage, minus the value of any service already provided. You can find the cancellation fee in the AppleCare product Terms and Conditions for your AppleCare Protection Plan orAppleCare+."

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