Apple's 2018 iPhones Support T-Mobile's 600MHz LTE Spectrum for Improved LTE Performance

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    The iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR are the first iPhones to support T-Mobile's 600 MHz LTE spectrum (aka Band 71), according to T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

    Band 71 is listed as a supported option on the Tech Specs pages for both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. Apple additionally says its new devices support the most LTE bands ever in an iPhone.


    T-Mobile purchased the 600 MHz spectrum in an FCC auction in April 2017 and shortly after announced plans to use the spectrum to improve its network in rural America.

    By the time T-Mobile announced its plans for the rollout of the 600 MHz spectrum, the hardware for the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus was already secured, giving Apple no time to build in support.

    T-Mobile in August 2017 activated the first 600 MHz site in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and has since expanded it to 1,254 cities across 36 states, including Puerto Rico, which means many T-Mobile customers who purchase the iPhone XS, XS Max, or XR will benefit from the improved coverage.


    According to T-Mobile, the 600 MHz spectrum adds increased building penetration and covers greater distances. When used in metro areas, it improves in-building coverage, and in rural areas, it improves the company's LTE footprint.

    Other smartphones that offer 600 MHz support include the LG G7 Thin Q, the Samsung Galaxy S9, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

    Article Link: Apple's 2018 iPhones Support T-Mobile's 600MHz LTE Spectrum for Improved LTE Performance
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    Although T-Mobile is wildly boasting limited 5G availability by early 2019, it will probably take at least a couple of years for (1) 5G is deployed in wider locations, (2) T-Mobile and Sprint completes the merger and figure out how to merge their spectrums, and (3) chipset and antennas become small, reliable, and energy efficient.

    So in many ways, 2018 iPhones are THE iPhones to get for T-Mobile.

    It's too bad they are being so stingy with promos. $300 toward trading in iPhone 6 or later, which is great for those with 6 and 6S, but hardly generous for 7 and later.
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    Would this make it worth upgrading from the iPhone X on T-Mobile? Also would you stay on JOD and upgrade or pay off remaining and sell your X and go through Apple?
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    Right now depending on where you are 4x4 mimo and 256 QAM can make a huge difference in LTE performance and it will only get better overtime as T-Mobile expands there low band. So yes it could make it worth the upgrade.

    This goes for the other carriers as well.
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    Would this work through a virtual T-Mobile network like family mobile
  8. palmerc2, Sep 12, 2018
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    For anyone who’s in the Los Angeles / Orange County area who’s been able to use 600MHz spectrum, have you noticed any kind of difference?

    T-Mobile has been annoying as of late as I’m losing connections for both data and voice on a regular basis. I’ve been thinking of switching over to Verizon and simultaneously getting the Xs Max.

    Edit: never mind. I went to the T-Mobile website and found out they haven’t deployed any 600MHz in LA / OC.
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    Ok, I think I finally found a legit reason to upgrade. I do every year because of the iPhone Upgrade Program, but I probably wouldn’t have otherwise because it’s kinda meh this year. T-Mobile never installed that other spectrum (was it band 12?) in my area, but they installed this band last year. I was kinda disappointed that my iPhone X didn’t support it because the coverage in my basement isn’t great—even with one of those range extenders. And even though I have WiFi caking set up, it will still somehow drop calls because it’s stupid.
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    It's not generous for the iPhone 7 but considering you can buy a new one for $450, $300 for a 2 year old phone isn't bad.
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    Jul 12, 2011
    Yes this works on all T-Mobile MVNO networks!
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    I briefly freaked out after not seeing “600 MHz” in the tech specs but then I noticed band 71 was included.

    Seeing T-Mobile confirming compatibility is great news!
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    In years past I bought the unlocked iPhone outright specifically so it would have the most bands and options for overseas travel. I had a 5 or 6 once that didn’t have as many bands and I was stuck with 3G in Europe even with the European SIM card installed. I think it was a Verizon iPhone. Is this still the case to any degree? Is there any benefit to choosing my iPhone to be Verizon particular versus unlocked? I will probably just buy it outright like always.
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    I’m in L.A., have been with TMO for years, but I’m thisclose to switching to AT&T (we use them for other stuff) because I’ve had nothing but problems with voice reception lately...
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    No way! This is definitely great news! And in case you didn't see we also get 4X4 MIMO finally! And by the way checkout the following which shows up when you buy the Tmobile model which is also more good news.

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    Well if you buy the Tmobile version for example you now get this see image.


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    Orange County, CA
    Will have to get this iPhone now as Tmobile really stepped up with 600mhz over the past year with 1254 cities live with 600mhz. STOCKED!!

    I’ll see some huge improvement.
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    I’m in OC and yes I agree with spotty coverage. I really hope that they will fix it soon because this area is so populated and that will be very helpful.
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    600 MHz LTE won’t be launched in the Los Angeles market until 2020, the spectrum hasn’t been vacated by the TV stations broadcasting it.
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    NYC area
    Same thing in the NY Metro Area.
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    Buenos Aires
  20. M.PaulCezanne macrumors 6502a


    Mar 5, 2014
    So now what’s Apple’s excuse for not letting us update iOS over cellular?
  21. dwsolberg macrumors 6502a

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    T-Mobile reception has gotten better every year since we got it four years ago. We switched because Verizon reception was poor in our area.
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    True but it’s very stingy compared to other recent promos. A few weeks ago they were offering a $500 trade in credit for the 4 year old Samsung Note 5, for instance, when you upgraded to the Note 9. That makes this make even less sense since the resale value on a 4 year old iPhone is surely more than an old Samsung.

    You’d also think they’d want to do as much as they can to get people to upgrade to phones that support this new spectrum since they’ve started to experience congestion issues is large metropolitan areas over the last year or so.
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    Jul 3, 2013
    I’m on Mint Mobile (a T-Mobile MVNO) so this is great news, I was hoping Band 71 support would arrive. Have a 6S currently so I can only use 3/5 LTE bands.
  24. mrow macrumors regular

    Aug 15, 2009
    Band 28 is not used in the US. It’s still supported on other models sold overseas where it’s actually used. It is still supported on models used in other countries.
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    Band 71 rollout in the NYC metro area is actually starting within the next few months.
    --- Post Merged, Sep 13, 2018 ---
    What does upgrading over cellular have anything to do with the fact this new phone supports band 71?

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