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Apr 12, 2001

Developers have been creating some impressive augmented reality apps and games with Apple's upcoming ARKit API, and the latest proof-of-concept video reimagines the video accompanying A-ha's 80s hit "Take On Me."

The video, created by augmented reality studio Trixi, uses ARKit, Unity 3D assets, GameFlow, and animations made using Mixamo to combine real world visuals with black and white sketched characters in the "Take On Me" video style.

The original A-Ha video featuring a sketched comic book character that comes to life took several months to create, but Trixi founder Chip Sineni told The Verge that the ARKit version took just a couple of days.

"The hardest part was not having the all the live video receive the post effect," said Sineni. "But [we] really wanted that effect of turning your world into the 'Take on Me' experience, not a baked in experience."

ARKit is set to position the iPhone and the iPad as the largest augmented reality platform when it launches alongside iOS 11. Developers have created a wide range of content using ARKit, ranging from the practical applications like room measurements and furniture placement to games.

The first apps able to take advantage of ARKit will launch this fall.

Article Link: Apple's ARKit Used to Recreate Classic A-ha 'Take On Me' Video


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Apr 4, 2016
In fairness if your Android or ios you've got to admit this is brilliant, like many have said it's new and exciting with lots of possibilities and will probably be better on the iPhone 8, it just works so well even in early stages, great stuff!


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May 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
now THIS I can get down with. Implementation was executed nicely...maybe it's the nostalgia effect.

Very smooth and smart choice to show off ARKit ... plus that classic 80's track ... who could NOT like this. Well done!
In fairness if your Android or ios you've got to admit this is brilliant, like many have said it's new and exciting with lots of possibilities and will probably be better on the iPhone 8, it just works so well even in early stages, great stuff!

This opens up so many possibilities. Can't wait for the final release!

The funny part is ... AR in phones was done about 3yrs ago EVEN if very rudimentary and VERY VERY limited. It's not so much about being first ... it's about providing the right tools that open up ideas and the ideas from a great programming userbase with profound vision to implement ... THAT is what has always worked for Apple.

Many of their users Golden Era and current Platinum Era have not just simply been users but also coders, tinkers those that push ideas to the coders so we all get to enjoy. this will DEFINITELY bring back those that defected to Android because they where BORED using iOS.

PS: Apple, please baby baby please be loyal and bring us split screen app capability to the iPhone, and not just leave it to the iPad. please?!


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Sep 11, 2014
I remember the original and it was jaw-dropping. The concept and execution were flawless and the look was unprecedented. I still show it to young kids and it still blows their minds.

I didn't find this to look nearly as good. That's because all of the motion of the original was created by hand drawn sketches and so there was more motion and somehow they seemed to time it to the rhythm of the music. So of course this is going to pale in comparison, but it's still really impressive for something they knocked out in a couple of days with a kit that is pretty new. I can't wait to see what else people come up with.

Here's an excerpt of an interview that described what went into making the original so amazing:

***The group teamed up with director Steve Barron, who helmed Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” for a short-form piece that mixed live action with rotoscoping illustration—never before used in a music video. “It was a dream to work with talent like that,” Waaktaar-Savoy says of Barron. “Normally, videos took a week of shooting in a hangar. But for this, we did a whole day that was only to make the comic magazine. Then four months spent doing hand-drawn drawings. It was very thorough stuff.” That might be an understatement: Illustrator Mike Patterson came up with more than 3,000 sketches for the final clip.***

From this article:


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May 16, 2012
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Yups..... AR is going to be big!

I'm not sure if I'm more impressed seeing this videoclip or about the creativity of the maker. One thing I do no for sure, this is one f*beep*ing interesting piece of work!


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Oct 23, 2014
I know this is AR, but take yourself a second and think about the possibility’s with a VR-Headset. Can’t wait for the developers to develope.
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