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Apr 12, 2001

As customers around the world begin receiving Apple's iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case, it has now been confirmed that the charging case is rated for 2,365 mAh, a 26% increase over the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case's 1,877 mAh rating.


Chinese technical certifications revealed that the iPhone 7 likely has a larger 1,960 mAh battery, as previously rumored, meaning Apple's Smart Battery Case can charge the smartphone fully with roughly 17% capacity remaining.

iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is 2365 mAh, up from 1877 for iPhone 6. - Nick Guy (@thenickguy) September 14, 2016
Apple officially says a fully charged iPhone 7 with a fully charged Smart Battery Case can provide combined talk time up to 26 hours, internet use up to 22 hours on LTE, and video playback up to 24 hours.

When the Smart Battery Case is turned on, a battery status is displayed on the Lock screen and in Notification Center to keep track of its charge level. The case has a silicone exterior in white or black, while the inside has a soft microfiber lining.

The iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is available now for $99 on Apple's website.

Article Link: Apple's iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case Offers 26% More Charge Than iPhone 6s Version
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Jul 20, 2014
First off, am I the only one who dislikes the silicon material? If they had a leather variant of this case I would be on board if it were in a darker black colour. And not to forget the ridiculous design...

I was hoping that dropping the headphone jack would allow them to redesign this product drastically whilst reducing the bottom chin bezel, I guess they were lazy. And where's the Plus model...
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Jun 24, 2013
Please explain the aesthetic principle(s) at work here.

A. To dampen Apple's recent stock surge?
B. To mark any who believe iPhone battery capacity should exceed what Apple believes?
C. To focus on the Smallness of this lifeless conjoined twin as distraction from iPhone's largely inefficient screen-to-body ratio.
D. To embody Apple's motto: transparency?
E. To prevent potential popularity here distracting from design and production of other products?
F. In Apple product surveys, to measure underlying blind faith and brand value.

Huge fan of Apple. Here, confused.
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Aug 13, 2012
Can you use the 6s Smart battery on the iPhone 7 or do you need to buy a new one?

EDIT: I'll answer my own question of course you CAN'T the camera opening is different on the 7 cases vs the 6 cases.

Apple, the master at forced obsolescence!
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Oct 2, 2008
Somerville, MA
Because it allows the case to be flexible and easy to put on. If the battery were the full height of the phone, it'd have to be bulkier and separate into two pieces, like the Mophie packs do.
Apple owns at least one patent on flexible battery packs, so I feel like there's gotta be a couple of other ways to approach this…
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Sep 19, 2007
It's weirdly grown on me, the bump probably feels comfortable in the hand, but I don't like any cases and its height is ridiculous.
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Jun 14, 2011
Loved my 6 case, gives it a good weight and honestly I think it looks great, had my doubts at first, but this has become an even more must have item for my 7, despite the ridiculous brexit £20 price jump
It's weirdly grown on me, the bump probably feels comfortable in the hand, but I don't like any cases and its height is ridiculous.

very comfortable! The smart battery percentage in notification center rocks too.


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Apr 22, 2003
Please explain the aesthetic principle(s) at work here.

They are very complex and only those with a sophisticated understanding and a high degree of intelligence can appreciate how beautiful this device is. You were joking when you asked, making the fools feel bad for not getting it.

Apple isn't doomed. But it isn't special anymore either. It's a shame.
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Sep 19, 2010
It's got an ugly hump, but this is the best battery case for the iPhone. If you charge the case while it's on the iPhone to 100%, the iPhone will use power from the case directly. This prolongs the life of your internal battery and you avoid the loss of power from charging your internal battery.

iPhone battery case:
Battery case -> iPhone <- Internal Battery

Other battery cases:
Battery case -> Internal battery -> iPhone.
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