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Apple's 'iPhone 8' Might Not Ship Until Late 2017, Side Button Touch ID Unlikely


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Apr 12, 2001

Though Apple's radically redesigned "iPhone 8" is expected to be introduced in September alongside standard iPhone 7s and 7s Plus devices, it may not start shipping out to consumers until October to early November, according to new information shared today by Japanese site Mac Otakara [Google Translate].

Citing information from supply chain sources and various accessory makers, Mac Otakara says the iPhone 8 will not ship until the first half of the first quarter of fiscal 2018, translating to sometime in October or November. This is in line with many previous rumors and analyst predictions hinting at a delayed mass production timeline.

An iPhone 8 rendering based on leaked CAD drawings that depicts the much larger side button​

The site's sources have only seen a front display panel component in black, suggesting Apple may only release the iPhone 8 in black. Previous rumors have suggested it will be available in a limited number of colors, with white unconfirmed.

There has been some speculation that because Apple is removing the Home button from the iPhone and introducing a larger side button Touch ID could be built into said side button, but Mac Otakara does not believe that is the case. Side button components are said to be solid with no additional sensors or parts needed for Touch ID, suggesting the side button is just a simple power button.

With rumors of both rear and side button Touch ID quashed, it's looking more like reports suggesting Touch ID is built into the display or removed entirely are accurate.

Apple was said to be planning to build Touch ID into the display of the device, but rumors now indicate its efforts may have been unsuccessful, with the company instead planning to replace Touch ID with facial recognition.

Reports are still mixed, however, so it's not yet entirely clear if Touch ID has been eliminated, but Mac Otakara says the possibility of in-display Touch ID "seems to be low."

Based on images of screen protectors, the site believes there are several new front-facing sensors accessory makers will need to compensate for, further pointing towards the inclusion of new 3D sensors for facial recognition purposes. The front-facing FaceTime camera may also be relocated to the right of the device.

With August fast approaching, we're only about five or six weeks away from the prospective debut date of the iPhone 8 and its companion devices, based on past launch timelines. In recent years, iPhone launch events have taken place during the first or second week of September.

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Jul 20, 2014
Jesus ***** Christ. The rumor cycle for this particular iPhone has been unbearably ridiculous. Major contractions on the daily and summaries of every possible outcome weekly. The hype train on this is a headache, everyone needs to chill out.

Jack Delgado

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May 11, 2012
Longer power button would be nice for reachability alone; so I'm not complaining. Apple isn't what they used to be, but I'm willing to believe they wouldn't ship a product as important as the iPhone without Touch ID if they didn't have a reasonably improved replacement--or at least a comparable replacement. They can't really afford to blow it.


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Jun 28, 2017
View attachment 710264

Based on the lines indicating what goes where, the iPhone 8 will come with:
  • An IR Sensor
  • An Iris
  • A Sensor
  • A Receiver
  • FaceTime
  • An Iris Sensor
I hope there is a mistranslation because it obviously won't have iris scanners. That's embarrassing to suggest. The right sensors are likely BOTH FaceTime cameras. The left sensors are likely BOTH infrared sensors. The infrared light emitter is between those sensors. The earpiece is in the center and above the earpiece is a proximity sensor and ambient light sensors. They could use the infrared for proximity but my guess is they will retain the dedicated proximity sensor because it would use less power to run constantly.
[doublepost=1501100006][/doublepost]If the iPhone 8 front glass panel being ONLY black on the premium iPhone wasn't obvious to a person, then I truly wish them well and hope they start thinking.

There is one thing that is 100% certain IF the display has the cutout in the top center (which I obviously am over 95% confident it does), and that is that the premium iPhone will only have a black front bezel. It takes next to no thinking to conclude that.


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Feb 28, 2009
those front sensors look hideous. can only imagine how they would look with a white front. maybe this year they'll finally have all black fronts?

Whilst elsewhere just yesterday we had...

View attachment 710265

MUCH prefer the top to look like this. obviously the black front will hide the sensors/camera better but still think there will be a small top bezel to keep the signal bar, time, battery, ect all on it's uniform line like it currently is.
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