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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's U.S. iPhone sales were down 23 percent in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the second quarter of 2019, according to new sales estimates shared today by Counterpoint Research. Though sales were down, the iPhone SE was seen as something of a "bright spot," selling above expectations.


Overall U.S. smartphone sell-through was down 25 percent year over year in Q2 2020, but Apple and Samsung were able to maintain sales somewhat better than other brands due to a strong online presence. In Apple's case, the new 2020 iPhone SE, released in April, also helped Apple's sales volumes throughout the quarter.


Priced starting at $399, the iPhone SE has been selling well in both postpaid and prepaid channels. More than 30 percent of iPhone SE buyers were upgrading from an iPhone 6s or older, and more than 26 percent of iPhone SE users came from an Android device, which Counterpoint says is a higher than normal Android to iOS switch rate.
Apple volumes grew through the quarter and were especially helped by iPhone SE volumes. It was not a typical Apple launch with large fanfare and a launch event at the Steve Jobs theatre, which normally also includes a blitz of TV ads. However, the device has been successful and selling above expectations in both postpaid and prepaid channels. Since the iPhone SE launched, carrier stores and national retail have been re-opening. Some channels saw large promos to draw shoppers back to stores. This was especially true within Walmart, Metro by T-Mobile and Boost.
Apple's iPhone SE sales are "unlikely" to cannibalize sales of the 2020 iPhone 12 models because iPhone SE purchasers are "more pragmatic" about price, less concerned with 5G connectivity, and the smaller display is "not considered a hindrance."

According to Counterpoint Research, mid-March through mid-April saw the weakest sales in the overall smartphone market, but things began picking up again in the back half of April after consumers received stimulus checks and retail stores began reopening. Smartphone sales for May through the end of June grew week over week, and June 2020 sales were ultimately stronger than June 2019 sales.

Article Link: Apple's iPhone SE Sales a 'Bright Spot' in Q2 2020 Thanks to Android Switchers and Those Upgrading From iPhone 6s or Older


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Apr 3, 2010
Copenhagen, Denmark
Well the SE is a great phone. Had it been available in January when I upgrade from my old 5S to 11 Pro I might have went that way instead.
Others in my family have upgrade from 6S to the SE and more are thinking about it. Its a great phone and will be relevant many years to come.
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Jul 12, 2016
The key to its success has been the fact that this is one great phone. It isn't the leftovers or old tech. It is a great phone.

It is a great phone, but I think the true key to the SE’s success is the price point. It’s ‘a lot of phone’ for ~$399 and it’s affordable enough Where consumers can pay full cash price versus financing it as well.

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Jul 11, 2017
I don’t know. I don’t call people very often. The only people who contact me regularly is my boss texting me. I don’t need a smart phone for that. A cheap $10 feature phone would be enough.

Besides, as a person who carries his iPad w/ cellular to work and school, an iPhone isn’t really necessary. May be if the iPhone cost $200 at Apple refurbished store, I could justify purchasing it. But not $400 or even $300.


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Oct 12, 2009
I think there will be a lot of switchers from people who’ve broken screens or issues with current iPhones.. the cost of repair on the Xs and 11’s is it extortion! My broken screen on the XS max gave me the option of a new screen at £319 or a trade in of £330. I took the trade in and bought the SE.. it’s a no brainer


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Aug 28, 2008
Beverly, Massachusetts
Probably has to do more with price than anything else. Not everyone can justify $1000+ on a shiny new iPhone especially during times like these. I don’t see a major benefit in going from a Plus to an XR or iPhone 11. Same tech, except Face ID which is failing badly with everyone wearing a mask. If I was using an iPhone 8, I would get the new SE instead of a XR or 11. The Pro series with an OLED display is a different story.
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Mar 30, 2004
Why upgrade from 6S to SE? It has no sense.
  • Your phone is damaged or stolen
  • Better camera (better image quality, optical image stabilizer, shoots with lower light)
  • Double the storage
  • More cellular bands, faster wireless (both cellular and Wi-Fi)
  • Longer battery life and new battery
  • Qi wireless charging
  • Double the performance
  • Water resistance
But I get it. iPhone SE 2020 doesn't look fresh enough. I would've loved some redesign. But at the time, Apple is able to hit $399 entry price precisely because it is recycling an old design.


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Mar 20, 2003
Bay Area
6S is fast enough, same form factor, display. Both has crappy cameras. New battery? Joke?
  • SE camera is worlds better than 6s and portrait mode
  • Will run new versions of iOS for years longer
  • faster wifi and LTE
  • water resistant
  • fast charging
  • wireless charging
  • e-SIM
  • better battery life even if they both have new batteries
  • 50% more RAM
You may not personally need to upgrade your 6s, which is great, but to say there isn't a difference is just wrong.

edit: @nutmac beat me to it while I was typing
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