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Apple's New 16-Inch MacBook Pro to Replace Current 15-Inch Model, Will Cost 'About the Same'


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro is set to replace the current 15-inch MacBook Pro, which is priced starting at $2,399, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

The new 16-inch machine, which will be the largest laptop Apple has offered for sale since the 17-inch MacBook Pro was discontinued, will "cost about the same" as the current 15-inch model.

Prior reports suggested the 16-inch MacBook Pro would be sold alongside the 15-inch model as a higher-end, more expensive option, but it sounds like it won't be quite as pricey as first expected.

The new MacBook Pro is said to feature a revamped keyboard that's designed to be "more reliable," and previous rumors have indicated that it will abandon the butterfly switch mechanism Apple has been using for a new scissor switch mechanism.

The display of the upcoming machine will be brighter, and Bloomberg suggests it will appeal to video and photo editors, gamers, and software developers.

As for launch timing, Bloomberg believes that the new MacBook Pro will come out as soon as Wednesday, with the Mac Pro to then follow at some point in December.

Apple this week has been holding private press briefings at its luxury loft mansion in New York City, likely providing media sites with review units for first impressions. Apple will announce the new 16-inch MacBook Pro via press release, as there are no more Apple events expected this year.

Article Link: Apple's New 16-Inch MacBook Pro to Replace Current 15-Inch Model, Will Cost 'About the Same'
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Nov 6, 2017
I doubt it, but we'll see.

It is very unlike modern Apple to pass up the opportunity to gouge everyone for a few months with only a high-tier model.

I figure they will wait several months before introducing a lower spec model to replace the 15".


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Sep 24, 2006
If, in fact the 16" will replace the 15" with similar price points, specs, external dimensions, and weights, the delay is appreciated and welcomed.

If, it turns out Apple continues to bloat and artificially inflate (Apple's new AI!) their lineup, &^*!^%&*(%#!!


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Jul 31, 2011
The N" MacBook Pro will be the largest since they discontinued the N+1". Sources say the N" will cost the same as the N-1" and will appeal to people who miss the N+1" and felt that the N-1" was cramped for tasks associated with W, X, Y, or Z. It is unlikely to influence those who prefer the N-3" models. Speculators leave room for other changes to be present. Release is most likely slated for tomorrow or later.


Sep 4, 2012
Midwest, USA
I'm in. Replacing my 2012 MB Pro. Hoping they bring back MagSafe along with the retro keyboard.
They'll never bring back MagSafe. It's USB-C from here on out. However, Griffin makes the next best thing and (almost) brings back the original MagSafe. I have one of these and use it as my main charger:


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Oct 6, 2012
I want a new 13", because portability is important to me, but it doesn't look like a 13" with these 16" features/specs will drop until Summer 2020 & since I don't think I can wait that much longer, I will be eyeing this release to replace my 2012 CD-Drive MBP.

I really don't see Apple being kind and making it the same price as the 15" though. Doesn't make sense. They will definitely price it higher if they plan on offering it at the same time as the 15".

Hopefully tomorrow brings the day we all have been waiting for.
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