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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is planning to update the iPad Air and iPad Pro lineups as soon as March, and the new iPad Pro models will be significantly thinner according to dimensions shared by 9to5Mac. Citing sources with knowledge of Apple's plans, the site claims that the larger version will be more than 1mm thinner.


The current 12.9-inch iPad Pro measures in at 6.4mm thick, but the new model is said to be 5mm thick. As for the 11-inch iPad Pro, it is currently 5.9mm thick, while the updated version is said to be 5.1mm thick. Both tablets may also be slightly bigger in size.
  • Current 11-inch iPad Pro - 247.6mm x 178.5mm x 5.9 mm
  • Upcoming 11-inch iPad Pro - 249.7mm x 177.5mm x 5.1mm

  • Current 12.9-inch iPad Pro - 280.6mm x 214.9mm x 6.4mm
  • Upcoming 13-inch iPad Pro - 281.5mm x 215.5mm x 5.0mm
Such a slimmed down body suggests a notable design change, which is enabled by an even more significant update -- OLED display technology. OLED display panels are thinner than LCD panels, allowing Apple to cut down on the thickness of its tablets.

Alongside the iPad Pro, Apple is expected to introduce two new iPad Air models, including a larger 12.9-inch version for the first time. The larger iPad Air will be almost the same size as the current iPad Pro, measuring in at 280.6mm by 214.9mm by 6mm.

Apple is limiting OLED display technology to the Pro lineup, so while the 12.9-inch iPad Air will be similar in length and width to the iPad Pro, it will be thicker because it will continue to feature an LCD display.

All of the new iPads are expected to have Apple's M3 chip technology, which was first introduced last year in updated MacBook Pro models. We haven't heard specifics about an event, but we are expecting something in late March to early April.

Article Link: Apple's Upcoming OLED iPad Pro Models Rumored to Be Much Thinner


Sep 13, 2014
Not a chance it doesn't bend at that point

I guess the price increase will (in part) be "explained" by some kind of titanium frame or something within the device to keep it rigid. I used to get really nervous about putting the 12 inch iPad in my backpack because I thought it would bend. I want the iPad to become a lot more resilient to its environment (water resistance on an iPad would be amazing) but it sounds like Apple will lean further into it being a device you have to baby.


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Apr 15, 2023
not cheaper in price with the excessive thinness and easier to break. then a thin piece of trash headed for the trashcan cause you did not pay up for APPLECARE.
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Oct 18, 2011
OH THANK GOD! My 2021 11" iPad Pro has been great in every way, except for how its blunt, landscaping-paver-like thickness makes using it a baroque horror of demon spawn and damnation, flames burning the flesh from my hands and the torment of 10,000 damned souls wailing in my ears with every tap on the screen.
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