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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Supp0rtLinux, Mar 14, 2016.

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    Anyone know of a wireless/wifi motion sensor that has AppleWatch notification support? I'm familiar with the products from Elgato and D-Link. But neither seems to have AppleWatch support. Basically, I want to put a device on my door to monitor for it being opened (ie: a basic motion sensor). I don't mind if its AC powered or runs on a battery. But it does need to either talk to my Lutron Caseta hub or use my home internet (ie: wifi). Something that can be scheduled to only send notifications would be ideal... or if it could talk to my Nest or Lutron hub to know when I'm away vs home would be great to. Basically, if I'm away and the door opens, I want it to send me a message to my iPhone and also to display that message on my AppleWatch. I currently have a Nest Thermostat and Protect, a Kevo, and a Lutron Caseta hub with multiple dimmer switches, etc. So anything that has a "works with Nest" or "works with Lutron", etc would be great. I don't need or want a webcam with motion. I have cameras in the house already, but I have pets so I can't enable motion support. Hence why I want a door sensor. Upon receipt of a notification, I can then view my cameras to see what's going on...

    Or perhaps someone knows of something that can work with IFTTT to accomplish the same idea? In its simplest form... I just want a motion sensor that can see if my door opens and send me an alert that I can also receive on my AppleWatch (not just my iPhone). A txt message would be okay. And even more ideal would be something inexpensive enough that I could have a few... door, windows, etc.
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    I use DropCams at both office and house. I will get a notification within a few seconds if my camera sees one of the doors open. I dumped the alarm companies and went with these as they are much cheaper and I can see what is happening from anywhere on my iPhone.

    They will not inter face with your equipment

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