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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's upcoming launch of 5G iPhones might not be a "massive event" due to economic uncertainty amid the global health crisis, AT&T Communications CEO Jeff McElfresh said in a paywalled interview published by CNBC.


"I do believe that you will see many of the iPhone subscribers move to upgrade to the device," said McElfresh. "But I wouldn't forecast that it's going to be a massive event. I also don't think it's going to be a nonevent. I think customers, based on the pressures of the economy that we're all facing today, will make a calculated decision as to what they want to do. And we're going to be there to offer them any device that Apple launches here shortly."

McElfresh added that AT&T already has engineers working on next-generation 6G networking, noting that it will take years before the technology fully materializes. No further details were shared about these efforts.

Apple is widely expected to unveil four new iPhones later this year, including one 5.4-inch model, two 6.1-inch models, and one 6.7-inch model. While flagship iPhones have started at $999 in recent years, Apple still has an opportunity for success in a price-conscious market this year if the 5.4-inch "iPhone 12 mini" starts around $749, as this device is expected to have an OLED display and 5G support just like higher-end models in the lineup.

Despite the global health crisis, Apple posted a June quarter revenue record of $59.7 billion. The results were boosted by strong iPad and Mac sales as more customers work, learn, and connect with family and friends from home.

Article Link: AT&T Already Working on 6G, Says 5G iPhones Might Not Be 'Massive Event' Due to Economic Uncertainty
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Oct 18, 2012
Kansas City
AT&T is full of it regarding their 6G technology. It’s not an established standard by global telecoms and is easily 10 years out. It’s marketing hype similar to their 5Ge claims. Which by the way, Verizon’s 4G was faster and had better coverage. Even T-Mobile had faster 4G speeds.

In addition, At&T got their wrist slapped by a number of marketing watch dogs who said their 5Ge claims were misleading.
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May 31, 2007
Florida, USA
I think the big takeaway from the event this year will be the iPhone Mini. I really don't think most people care about 5G given how fast LTE is for most of us.

Not to mention most of us aren't traveling, and are working from home due to Covid-19. I used less than 0.2GB of cellular data last month.

I feel like downgrading my cellular connection and upgrading my home connection, since it doesn't look like this is going to end anytime soon. Might as well put the money where I'm using it.


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Nov 26, 2007
When people complain about 4G, I never hear complaints about speed. The complaints are generally that a signal isn't available everywhere. On rare occasion, I hear a complaint about low data caps.

It doesn't seem to me that the 5G deployment will do anything to solve either of those issues.

5G should have been focused on making it so a singal is available everywhere. I don't want to lose it when I enter a building, or go in a tunnel, or because I'm in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Weather shouldn't disrupt it, either.

4G streams video fine - most people aren't interested in more than that.

The Barron

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Mar 5, 2009
Central California Coast
To me this sounds like ATT making a cop out. They’ve been doing shady stuff since the 4G and 5Ge logos are nothing but marketing lies. I switched away from them years ago and wouldn’t trust anything they say.
AT & T is the total pits when it comes to service outside a large metro city. Verizon is the only way to go, IMO.


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Aug 23, 2011
Cylde Hill, WA
Just speaking personally -- 5G doesn't seem all that important to me these days when my phone and I only leave the house once a week to go buy groceries. With no end to the lockdown and quarantine in sight, I'll probably skip this upgrade cycle. My phone just isn't an important device to me these days.

Wow where do you live? I live in the Pacific NW and in the Portland Oregon area this morning the commuter traffic was crazy and this weekend a local mall had no parking at all (worse than holidays) and lines outside every store because of the in store limits for social distancing. Seems to me no one is staying home, even though schools and a lot of businesses aren't open (office work mainly) most everything is heading back to normal.
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