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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Dukey, Oct 12, 2016.

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    Hi there,

    I received a bunch of audio and video files for a short film. I have 10 scenes worth video coverage and lav and boom audio for each scene. I tried Plural eyes but the programs seems to be having a hard time with most of the files. I have Premiere CC but for tons of video and audio in the timeline, it doesn't seem to give me the synchronize option when I right click the files. What is the fastest way of everything getting sync together.
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    Thanks for you reply. I tried all of those and the videos on youtube but it still doesn't seem to respond. They all show one video one clip, I'm dealing with an unorganized batch. One of the things the videos says are to have the same clip and sound above each other/in line. This is what the work flow I'm looking at is.

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    If you are using Premiere or FCPX (I trust FCPX more on this since its an easier workflow due to the "open in timeline option") check your clips for anything that shows its chronological e.g. time, date, name, etc..
    Select the video and audio that best matches chronologically, then apply the Auto-Sync option using Audio/Waveform.
    You cant just select a batch of files and do this.
    You have to be very careful and might have to repeat with same audio or video clips to get some decent results.
    You will get a virtual clip that you can easily edit to your liking e.g. trim and rename etc...
    The only app thatll do a batch like that is Resolve but only with TimeCode.
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    I have sync'd files with Plural Eyes 4.1.1, FCPX and Premiere CC. Of those Plural Eyes is by far the most capable. I have sync'd hundreds of clips in a single batch with PE. With FCPX I've had problems over 40, and both FCPX and Premiere CC have failed to sync with only about 7 clips under difficult conditions (echo, background noise, etc). If PE will not sync your files the chances of an audio-only sync with either editor is not good.

    With PE 4.x you can drag the entire batch of audio and video files from multiple cameras to the import screen and it will automatically separate them into different cameras and sync them. With FCPX (for reliable results) you must name each camera in the inspector properties. You can batch name all the clips from a single camera in one step.

    If you are on PE 3.5x, there is a "try really hard" option to use more time-consuming algorithms to obtain a match in difficult cases. The logic for this is automatic on PE 4.x. Also PE 3.5x requires manually creating each camera name and importing the files for that camera/recorder into each camera name. PE 4.x normally can import the entire batch of files from multiple cameras and sorts them out.

    Procedure in FCPX for best sync results via audio:

    1. Import all clips
    2. In Event Browser at top left select List View (it's the button above the red X at left)
    3. In Event Browser, click on clip name to sort by name. All the clips from each camera should be grouped together.
    4. Select a group of clips from one camera/recorder (Click on 1st, go to last and Shift-click).
    5. In Inspector at upper right, click on Info button. If Inspector pane is not on, turn it on with Window>Show Inspector
    6. At bottom of Inspector Pane, click the drop-down box and select "General". This shows more details.
    7. In the Inspector Pane, enter a camera name. When you press Enter it will add that camera name to all the clips you have selected in a single step.
    8. Repeat step 4 and 7 for each camera/recorder.
    9. In Event Browser, select all clips from all the cameras you added camera name info to.
    10. Right-click on the selected group and select "New Multicam Clip", then set checkbox "use audio for synchronization"

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