Automatic iCloud Photo Sharing Across Family?

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    Hi all,

    Is there any way to have my family's photos all uploaded into one location without having to manually add our photos to the family album each time we take photos? We use family sharing with separate iCloud accounts right now. When we try sharing an iCloud account we come across some pretty obvious problems. I've searched Google quite a bit so am fairly confident that the answer is "no," but figured I would at least pose the question here.

    My wife and I currently manually plug in our iPhones to our shared Mac to make sure all of our photos stay in one library, but it's not ideal. We'd rather use (a shared) iCould Photo Sharing, but have all the photos automatically go to a common library.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Unfortunately, there's no way to do this using Apple's built in tools unless you all want to share one iCloud account, which is usually not a practical solution.

    One solution would be to install an app like PhotoSync on your iPhones and your shared Mac. That app can auto-transfer photos to your Mac and import them into the Photos app. Not sure if it will add to an iCloud Photo Sharing album as well but at least all your family photos will be in one photo library.

    Another solution would be to have a shared account with a 3rd party photo service like Google Photos and then have all iphones backup to the same Google Photos account.
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    That's what iCloud Photo Library is missing... a family link!

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