Battery and Fan issues (SMC?)

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    Hello MacRumors,

    About two weeks ago my battery died suddenly. After this, my battery icon alternated between an X and 100% charge with a replace soon indicator. Computer died whenever not plugged in. I ordered a replacement from and upon replacement everything seemed to be great (old battery also had two blown cells so figured it must be the end of the story).

    However, about 5 days into portable bliss my computer shut down suddenly again and upon start up the X icon reappeared. I contacted MacSales and they are sending another replacement BUT I also downloaded a fan indicator and discovered my fan was running at 0 rpm regardless of CPU usage. Is this just a dud battery I got or something more. Running hardware diagnostics I get error PPT001 only (no SMC error) and the fan works fine during hardware check or by manually turning it on using 3rd party software.

    I have reset SMC and PRAM countless times to no avail. Also no visible damage was seen when I opened to replace battery (although I may not recognize it). Any ideas would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

    13" Early 2015 MacBook Pro OS 10.11.6
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    Not sure about the fix here....but a work around might be use Macs Fan Control to easily see, modify, and monitor fans and temps.

    Been using it for years on lots of machines, no issues.
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    Sounds like a bad thermal sensor. Just do what the previous reply suggested and use Macs Fan Control and you'll be al right.
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    Thanks for the replies! I was being a bit of an idiot though and assumed that my fan should be running at a baseline RPM at all times. Turns out it works just fine but was just running at 0 RPM as it seems many later macbook pros do.

    However, the battery problem is a bit more complicated. The black X spontaneously vanished while working with laptop plugged in. Worked perfectly for about a week or so and then randomly, while unplugged, computer shut down and upon restart black x was back. Any ideas?


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