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Apr 12, 2001

Beats has had a trademark on the term "iBeats" for several years, and has produced iBeats in-ear headphones in collaboration with Monster, but recently, the company filed a new application to expand the iBeats trademark to include new music-related uses.

Initially covering only audio video equipment such as headphones, clothing, music performances, and various advertising methods, the trademark has now been expanded to also encompass areas such as broadcasting, social networking, digital music downloads, and streaming music.
Audio recordings featuring music; video recordings featuring music; downloadable audio and video recordings featuring music, music performances, and music videos; prerecorded music, namely, digital downloads; user interface for television and video on demand communications equipment; Computer software for use in the delivery, distribution and transmission of digital music and entertainment-related audio, video, text and multimedia content; computer software for enabling transmission, storage, sharing, collection, editing, organizing and modifying audio, video, messages, images and other data for use in social networking, online chats and interactive gaming, for use in creating social networking databases and for use in social networking database management; computer software for creating searchable databases of information and data for peer-to-peer social networking databases; Gift cards, namely, magnetically encoded gift cards.
Beats Electronics filed the new application on April 25, likely at a time when it was in talks with Apple over an acquisition. It is unknown why Beats has expanded its iBeats trademark, but it is possible that the company has plans for new products and services under the name.

Apple officially announced its $3 billion purchase of Beats Electronics on May 28, and the deal is expected to be finalized during the fourth fiscal quarter. The acquisition includes both the Beats hardware business, which encompasses its lineup of headphones, and the Beats Music streaming service.

Article Link: Beats Expands 'iBeats' Trademark to Cover Digital Music Downloads, Streaming Music


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Sep 21, 2012
Doesn't make sense to mess with the main brand name. Also, please no Siri command related jokes with regards to "iBeats on/off" etc.

Born Again

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May 12, 2011
So at what point will it be not cool to stick an "i" in front of everything?

Seriously it's getting tiring apple
iPhone iPad iBook


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Dec 9, 2008
i is 100x better than S (same)

Introducing: iS


Just what iS iS? It's the ultimate internet Something, and it runs really fast. It can reach up to (or more than) 4! Which is over twice that of its competitors. It's also intuitive, innovative, and incandescent!
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Jan 10, 2007
Wow the plastic and cheap molding of parts in that article picture make the headphones look like $5 knockoff headphones. Even the earpods don't look as bad =/


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Mar 31, 2009
WTF is that? A Transformers version for a ear phone? Here comes Beats fan boys telling me I am a racist but I told you so Apple is going Ghetto and mainstream crap.


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Hahahah!! are spot on. It's hilarious reading about it. Everyone has a panic attack followed by a tantrum.

I love these beats stories because they make so many users upset

Acquiring Beats may well turn out to have been a great move; continued appeal to a new generation of buyers.

Too many companies have met their, if not demise, certainly 'downward slide' by becoming 'stale', and rigidly adhering to what they believed was the magic formula which got them there, without willing to adapt to, or even realizing, a gradual but unstoppable shift in their target demographic.

Wild Warg

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Jun 6, 2014
As I've always said: This is a great move for Apple. Can't wait to see what happens next!


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Sep 14, 2013
I think I figured out how they came up with the name 'Beats'
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Dre is a savage. And I'm quite interested in seeing how he's going to be able to work with civilized people.

Sorry about the quote not showing right. I'm on my phone and MR has a mobile interface that makes even a high school developer cringe.
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