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Apr 12, 2001

Apple-owned Beats by Dre has partnered with Japanese luxury fashion brand Sacai to produce a new collection of BeatsX headphones. These models come with beaded cables that can be removed and customized to reflect unique patterns (via WatchGeneration).


Beats won't be selling these headphones to the masses, however, and is currently planning to launch them at an exclusive pop-up shop in Paris on March 4. It's unclear if the company has any plans to roll out the BeatsX + Sacai collection to Apple retail locations or online.
From Beats by Dr. Dre and sacai comes a collaboration that celebrates unique style and individuality. Sacai - an innovative label recognized for mixing high concept designs with functional utility - helps us find a balance between technology and fashion. Reimagined to let listeners incorporate their own creativity and identity, these BeatsX earphones prove that the best accessory to premium sound is personal expression.
There are three colors in the collection: Silver Red, Absolute White, and Intense Black. Each BeatsX + Sacai model comes with a carrying pouch that has a Sacai logo, and they're priced at a premium of around $200, over $100 more than the price of normal BeatsX headphones, which can be purchased for around $80-$90 on sale.


In a promo video shared on the Beats by Dre YouTube channel, Beats president Luke Wood said that the company was looking for a new partner who could reimagine its products with a different design and color. This led to Sacai's idea to incorporate beads onto BeatsX, creating a more fashion-first aesthetic for the in-ear headphones.

Beats is known for collaborating with a number of interesting and surprising brands, in the past including French luxury fashion house Balmain, designer Alexander Wang, and even Hello Kitty. Apple acquired Beats Electronics in 2014 for $3 billion, using the company's streaming service as a basis for what would become Apple Music in 2015.

Update: The beaded BeatsX headphones Apple created in partnership with Japanese fashion brand Sacai can be purchased from the Apple online store.

Article Link: Beats Partners With Japanese Fashion Brand Sacai for New Beaded BeatsX Headphones [Updated]


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Jun 29, 2015
Fashion. Let it be that way then. Not really the segment in the market where I placed Apple for now.
But it fits the gorgeous watchband collection...
Maybe I might have a look at a computer brand for my next non-fashion computer.


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Feb 6, 2011
Beats X is a great pair of headphones if you're into iOS. This is the only wireless headphones to come with Lightning charger, beside Apple's own AirPods. If you have iPhone and older iPad Pro, you can just bring one cable to charge them all.

And as side bonus, it sounds better than AirPods.


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Feb 10, 2014
I think those look silly, but I’d almost buy one if they would just fix that unbelievably awful power button that the current beatsx have. It irritates me daily how bad of a design it is. They really need to replace it a slider switch (like the iPhone mute button). Then I’d buy a new one in a heartbeat. I’d also like the battery life upped to 9-10 hours to get me through the work day including lunch.
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