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    The stars aligned for me yesterday and I was fortunate enough to have $1500 to buy a new MacBook Pro. I initially was going to just go for this deal (second deal listed), but I was able to come up with a few hundred extra dollars. That said, I haven't found this listed on any deal website and I just stumbled upon it since BestBuy is my goto for 70% of my tech purchases.

    I was able to find last years 2.9 Ghz Touch Bar MacBook Pro which they have discounted $300. Pretty on par with other deals, until you realize they are offering a $125 student discount on top of 300. This brings the prices of each down to:

    (Click on either to get their respective BestBuy listings)

    2.9 Ghz, 8 GB Memory, 256 GB SSD - 1,499 - 125 = $1374
    2.9 Ghz, 8 GB Memory, 512 GB SSD - 1,699 - 125 = $1574

    Both colors are available as well. All you have to do for the student discount is sign up for their newsletter. That is all. 5-10 minutes later you get an email with a link to a promo code. Not bad!

    This is a particularly nice deal if you need 512 GB of space. I myself went with the 512 GB model and I'm super happy with the price. I was also considering Apple's education store discount + Beats. The models I was looking at were the 2.3 non-touch bar with either 16GB of RAM or 512 GB SSD, and it was going to be marginally more expensive. It may have even been a better value, technically, since the Beats Solo 3 are $300 from Apple (though I was able to find them for around $150 on eBay). I don't need the headphones, and I really, really, like that touch bar so this was the best route for me.

    I just wanted to pass this along, hopefully some other readers will be able to take advantage of this deal!
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    Good reasoning and helpful to many of us in the exact same situation!

    My only reservation about the 2016 model -- and it's a big one -- is that the new 2017 model has a tweaked keyboard with better responsiveness! Several users and analysts have reported the change, although others are skeptical.

    The other reservation I have is getting the Touch Bar. I find it distracting to see a flickering, changing set of keys or information in my peripheral vision. Yes, I know that one can fix them (at least to some extent), but the lack of physical function keys would take getting used to.

    But all that's not to say that the deal isn't a good one or quite appealing -- especially if you ARE a student. (It's clearly meant for students, not just anyone who signs up or has a .edu email address.)

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