1. E

    iPad Air iPad Air 4 and Pencil 2 on Sale at Target

    PSA: Target has the iPad Air 4 on sale for $499, and $99 for the Pencil 2.
  2. G

    Looking for help on pricing my Macbook 4,1 that's for sale

    I have a Macbook 4,1 that's for sale, and I need to know how to price it. I replaced a lot of hardware, which I'll detail below. Apple MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.1 13" (White-08) Specs Identifiers: Early 2008 - MB402LL/A* - MacBook4,1 - A1181 Replacements * Replaced broken (Samsung) LCD Display...
  3. shinyheadmusic

    iPad 6th Gen iPad price jump

    Next week, my kid turns 14 and my plan has been to get them a 6th gen iPad WIFI with 128 GB memory, which for the summer sold for $329 ($100 off) through all the usual places. I decided to wait until the new iPads were announced, hoping for another price drop, but instead they jumped to $379...
  4. Dozer_Zaibatsu

    MacBookPro 15" i7 $400 off at BestBuy?

    Has anyone noticed this? Wife's 8 year-old Air went kablooie last week. We're looking at all kinds of things to replace it, including a hefty laptop which can also replace/supplement her current desktop she uses for graphic design. I've been put off by Apple, lately, considering the upcharges...
  5. flusher

    Universal FaceBlur photo editor

    APPSTORE LINK FaceBlur allows you to blur out faces with just one tap of a button. And more! Blur out sensitive information on your documents or screenshots, license plate of the car you selling, odd people on your selfie or unnecessary product trademarks. Get your privacy a boost using simple...
  6. K

    Best sites to sell used mac/pc parts

    Hey All, Sorry wasn't sure which section to post this in... I've been wondering if there's a good place to sell used pc or mac parts and accessories? I know there's ebay but I'm not really a fan for many reasons (scams, fees, etc). I'm thinking more something similar to Craigslist but all...
  7. F

    Value For My MacPro with 27 Inch Monitor

    Hey Folks, I'm going to be traveling, so I'm going to be selling my main Mac, which is an upgraded 2010 MacPro. Thinking of Selling it on eBay, though I'm not sure how much to ask for it or how much to charge for shipping. So I wanted your thoughts! Here are the specs: 2010 MacPro...
  8. amethystjw

    Best way to sell an iPod collection?

    Fellow nerds! I developed a serious iPod fetish around 2008 and ended up collecting a bunch of them in varying condition from immaculate to heavily used. I have at least one of each non-iOS iPod ever made, so iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle in each of their generations. I've been...
  9. Kove

    Exchanging MacBook After Back to School

    Hello All, Long time lurker, decided to finally make an account. I recently bought a MacBook 12 as part of the back to school offer. I have my beats here but am currently considering on exchanging the MacBook for a MBP 13 inch. Since the back to school sale has finished, would I need to return...
  10. Amazing Iceman

    50% OFF Code: Rugged TPU Bumper for Apple Watch 2/3 42mm

    I found this deal: a bumper case for Apple Watch 2/3 with two hard screen protectors. It seems these screen protectors attached to the case, instead of those flimsy plastic protectors that you apply to the watch and eventually come off with use. I ordered one, it should arrive soon. I'm...
  11. green86

    Best 13" MacBook Pro deal I've found this week...

    The stars aligned for me yesterday and I was fortunate enough to have $1500 to buy a new MacBook Pro. I initially was going to just go for this deal (second deal listed), but I was able to come up with a few hundred extra dollars. That said, I haven't found this listed on any deal website and I...
  12. G

    Apple Watch on clearance at Target (online only)

    38mm stainless steel with pearl woven nylon band $384.98. Free shipping and 5% off with Target RedCard. Free ship to store. 42mm stainless steel with pearl woven nylon band. $419.98...
  13. jimi78

    Best Buy limited sale

    I just picked up a new 128gb MBA for $799 at BB today. FYI for anybody looking for a reasonable price for a laptop that will probably be phased out soon.
  14. G

    iPhone sale; how-to, download text-messages, pictures.

    Is there a good app for downloading all my old stuff from my phone? Also, when I hit reset is everything deleted from my phone? I´m selling it and I don´t want people to find personal pics.
  15. W

    Best way / place to sell iPad Pro (UK)

    Hi, ive already tried eBay, Gumtree, but seems like people there are interested more in trying to scam than to buy something. Can anyone recommend a good place / service to sell an iPad for a reasonable value? I don't really want to, but I need to sell my 12.9" iPad Pro 4G + Wi-Fi (Unlocked)...
  16. Ben-in-M

    Worth waiting for black friday / cyber monday to buy MBP?

    I need a new Mac Book Pro, and I want the old (2015, no touch bar) model, 15" 2.2 GHZ, 1TB capacity which I can get for about 2,300 at my local university tech store. That's about $100 off as opposed to apple's website educational pricing, and I would have to order today. So I'm wondering if...
  17. workgames

    Most cheap iPhone? Macbook?

    Hi! Where I can buy most cheap iPhone? Macbook? etc. any countries Soon there will be discount. Can you advise some shop? Thank you!
  18. afonsomduarte

    Carrier [PORTUGAL] iPhone 7 Pre-Orders over carriers

    Alguém português no site que tenha feito reserva por um dos sites das operadoras? Alguém já teve a sorte de ver mudar o estado da sua encomenda?
  19. icthuse1

    Current Apple Watch 42MM Deals

    Anyone heard anything about deals on the inventory is currently available at retail? I know they are upgrading the processors on the Gen 1 models and dropping the prices, but wondering if there are any deals to be had on the product that is currently in stores before the upgrades.
  20. DarkExistence

    Orzly iPhone 7 Accessories Sale!

    Just a heads up for everybody around the world, be it US, UK, Europe, Asia etc! Just found a link to this blog, looks to be Orzly's official blog! They are having 50% off all their accessories when you use the code ORZLY50 , and they are...