best of screen protector type for iPad Pro


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Aug 13, 2012
Long Island, NY USA
I recently replaced my ancient iPad with a "new" 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 inch plus Apple Pencil and am looking for a screen protector. There seem to be three basic types, which differ in "paper feel", protection, tip life (inversely related to paper feel) and screen image quality. The smooth films or tempered glass protectors are most protective but don't feel like paper and pencil. Among those that do feel "natural," there are smooth ones which have some paper feel and more textured ones which really feel papery but have very shortened tip life and affected visual resolution and viewing angle. Viewing angle is the least critical variable for me. Screen image quality is one of the important ones. Natural looking sketching and cursive script would be worth having. Protection in the field is important but that's mostly provided by the case. I am not an artist but the ability to use my iPad as a notebook for sketching, diagramming and writing as I would with my usual yellow pads would be cool. I'm kind of leaning towards natural media feel. Having to constantly replace the nibs with great frequency would be a big PITA, but I won't be a heavy user. Just wondering what I'm missing.