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Apr 12, 2001


Online video provider Brightcove has announced that they will be officially supporting HTML5 video to their customers. Brightcove is the video platform for more than 1000 customers including high profile websites such as The New York Times and Time, Inc.

The move comes a week before the launch of the iPad which does not support Flash video which has traditionally been the vehicle for online video delivery.
"Our customers want to be able to deliver their video content to every screen without sacrificing the quality, interactivity and monetization capabilities they have come to expect from the Brightcove platform," said Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove chairman and chief executive officer. "The Brightcove Experience for HTML5 fills the gap between the current playback capabilities of the emerging standard and what our customers need to operate successful online video businesses."
The new HTML5 support comes at no additional cost to existing Brightcove customers. A list of existing customers is available on Brightcove's website and includes a large number of magazine publishers, newspaper publishers and broadcasters. It seems HTML5 has to be purposefully implemented by the customer sites as not all the same features have been deployed to Brightcove's HTML5 implementation. However, the company has a roadmap to deploy all the same features over time.

The New York Times and Time, Inc have been confirmed as launch partners taking advantage of HTML5 video and will be iPad-ready on launch day.

Article Link: Brightcove (and therefore The New York Times and Time, Inc) Announces Support for HTML5 Video


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Jan 15, 2008
Ah Flash is dying. ahaaaahhaha if only Adobe had listened to people about why Flash sucked years ago...


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Nov 16, 2008
I wouldn't say Flash is dying but it is becoming old technology. Flash is still on 90% of websites.

And Adobe is one of Brightcove's partners.

In this business nobody wants "old".

Love him or hate him............ but Steve will crush his competitors.



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Feb 1, 2005

This is good news.

I downloaded clicktoflash a week or so ago and have loved it on my old MBP (2006). I haven't missed flash at all. Of note though is that I haven't missed flash because I don't watch a lot of streaming video because I live in a country with abysmal internet connection speeds. Maybe if I had access to hulu it'd be a different matter!

Anyway, the more content that becomes available for iPad (and iPhone/iPT) users the better.
Apple is changing the environment around them to work with their products.

Very powerful man, Steve Jobs is.
Barron's Names Steve Jobs "World's Most Valuable CEO"
"Probably the world's most valuable CEO is Steve Jobs of Apple, as shown by stock dips on news of his medical problems," the report said. "Apple recently hit a record, with a market value topping $200 billion, a reflection of the Street's confidence that a healthy Jobs (at least from what we can tell) continues to keep Apple ahead of the game. Jobs likely accounts for $25 billion or more of Apple's market value."

~ CB


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Jul 1, 2009
New Zealand
I can't wait 'till SublimeVideo player is released to the public.

As for flash's vector animations, there's also an alternative animatable SVGs.

From the point of Microsoft, they have have Silverlight development tools as well as developer tools utilising standards technologies like SVG. For Microsoft there is no loss if Flash dies given that Silverlight is primarily designed for niche areas where the standards don't cover - one example would be browser based applets that wish to have access to hardware such as USB ports.

The only people shaking in their boots is Adobe given the print media is gradually dying, the web is moving to standards, and the last remaining niche of artists is small and shrinking. The day when Flash dies I'm going to celebrate by getting inebriated on some high quality NZ wine.
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